What are Shakti peethas?

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What are Shakti peethas?

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Shakti peethas are ‘Spiritually rich and energetic places’.

One can grow spiritually by worshiping the God in these places.

Every location on the Earth has its own importance. But few places are holy because of the spiritual energy that is concentrated. Reason being either, the special liking of God towards that particular place or the energy that got concentrated as the result of the prayers offered by great devotees.

Going by their nature, Shakti peethas are termed as Bahya peethas and Antara peethas.

Bahya peethas:
The spiritually rich places which are visible to any one are called as Bahya peethas.

Antara peethas:
The places in the human body where the spiritual energy is concentrated are called as Antara peethas. These are visible through ways like Mantra japa, Dhyana, yoga sadhana etc.

Spiritually grown people consider Bahya peethas as the physical resemblance of Antara peethas.

The spiritual energies which does not take any form of a deity are called Guptha peethas. For example, the sacred books are Guptha peethas, the energy in them is in the form of knowledge. The hearts of great devotees are also Guptha Peethas, here the devotion in them itself is the energy. Antara peethas also fall in this category of Shakti peethas.

Our site mainly flows in five streams.

Shakti peethas:
This will go with the literal meaning of Shakti, the mother of the entire Universe, and the places where she is felt the most.

There are different lists of Shakti peethas that are popular. The list of Eighteen Shakti peethas, is well known in southern India and the list of Fifty being famous in North India. The other Shakti peethas are grouped under the category of Other Important Shakti peethas.

Shiva peethas:
Talks about Lord Shiva and the places where his energy is felt the most.
The most famous Shakti peethas of Lord Shiva are the twelve Jyothirlangas. The remaining Shakti peethas of Lord Shiva are discussed under different headings.

Vishnu peethas:
Discusses about Lord Vishnu and the places where his energy is highly concentrated.
The Shakti peethas of Lord Vishnu and his forms (like Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Sri Venkateshwara) at those places are dealt in detail under different headings in this stream.

Deals with the Shakti peethas of the other Deities like Ganesha, Surya, Brahma etc.

Gupta peethas:
Mainly deals with the ways of worshiping the God.

Practicing Yoga is discussed under the heading Yoga peethas. Mantra Sadhana is discussed in Matrika peethas and Mantra peethas.

Samvit peethas discuss about the life histories of the great devotees. Oordhva peethas deals with the topics like Punya lokas (Paradise of Lord Shiva, Paradise Lord Vishnu etc).

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