Shrinkala matha Photos

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Shrinkala matha Photos

Postby Siva on Thu Oct 15, 2009 12:34 am

One year back i went to West Bengal in my North India trip. In that time i saw Panduva near Kolkata. One of the 18 shakti peethas, Shrinkala matha temple present in that place as a remnant. I heard a story, that Muslim invaders destroyed that temple and built a Minar in that place. Now the same is under Archeological department control. Although I got no chance to see inside the temple, I took pictures from out side the campus. These are the photos.
Every year a festival, Mela tala will be conducted in that place in Magha masam (around February) with a large number of people gathering.

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Entrance of Shrinkala matha temple at Panduva.jpg
This is the entrance of Shrunkala matha temple in Panduva, West Bengal.
Minar of Shrinkala matha temple.jpg
Minar of Shrinkhala matha temple.
An old Window  present in the campus of Shrinkala matha temple.jpg
An old window present in Shrinkala matha temple as a remnant.
Remenants of pillars in Shrinkala matha temple.jpg
Remnant pillars present in the temple campus.
Remenants of Shrinkala matha temple under Archeological department.jpg
Remnants of temple present in the campus under Archeological department.
Remnant walls showing temple architecture.jpg
Remnant walls of temple showing its architecture.
Campus around the temple.jpg
Campus around the temple, in a long view showing the old construction.
Mela tala campus present near Shrunkala matha temple.jpg
Mela tala festival campus.
Maa Kali matha temple present near by Shrinkala matha temple
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Re: Shrinkhala mata temple

Postby Admin on Thu Oct 15, 2009 8:55 pm

Yeh, Mela tala is a big festival, mainly for tribal people of that area. It will be conducted every year, Of-course, if there are no rivals in the town, between Hindus and Muslims. Lakhs of people will gather and offer worships to Godess 'Shakti'.

Some people tell this as Shrinkhala mata temple and some will tell the temple of Hanseshwari, present in a nearby village. Anyhow, good photos Siva, You are the first one to contribute in many forums. Thank you.

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