Ujjain Mahakali

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Ujjain Mahakali

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Mahakali dhyana rupa.jpg
Ujjaini Maha kali Dhyana rupa
Ujjain Mahakali (Garh kali/Garh kalika - Local name) is one of the eighteen Shakti peethas.
The Oordhvoshtha (Upper lip) of Devi fell here.
She is the Shakti of Mahakala (Mahakaleshwar).

She is the Goddess worshiped by the great poet Kalidasa.

Ujjayinyam mahakali mahakaleshvareshvari /
Kshipratirasthita mata vanchitarthapradayini //


It is located in the Malwa platue on the "Tropic of cąncer".

Nearest Bus station: Ujjaini.
Nearest Railway station: Ujjaini.
Nearest Air port: Indore.

Northern corner of the city Ujjaini>Bhairav garh (Bherugarh)>Near the bank of the river (K)shipra>On a small hillock anciently called as Ratnachala/Bhairava parvata.


In the temple, idol of Mahakali is placed in between the idols of Mahalakshmi and Saraswati.
The temple of Sthirman ganesh is beside the temple of Garhkali.
Hanumatkeshwar Shiva linga is near the temple of Garhkali.
Simheshwar Shiva linga is in the temple of Sthirman ganesh.
See the temple of Ujjain Mahakali in Google map

Sthala purana:

Mahakali is described as Rakta dantika/Chamunda in Skanda purana.

Demon Andhakasura, the ruler of Ujjaini in olden days, has a special power. In the battle field if his blood touches the earth, from each drop of blood a new Andhakasura will develop. Lord Shiva opposed Andhakasura pleased by the prayers of gods. Maha vinayaka (Sthirman ganesh) controlled the demon. Shiva pierced the chest of the demon with his Trishula. The blood produced numerous new Andhakasuras. With her Matrikas Mahakali appeared. All of them drank the blood. Mahakali drank all the blood and ate all the new Andhakasuras developed. Shiva lifted the demon in to the sky and burned him with the fire from his Third eye. Andhakasura accepted the defeat. prąyed the Lord. Shiva transformed him in to Bhringi and blessed him. The whole world became free of demons.


Every year in the month of Ashviyja, Navaratri festival will be conducted in the temple.

1.Kama beejakshara japa.
2.Navakshara mantra japa.
3.Saptashati stotra pathana.

Ashadha Navaratri festival is useful to get the grace of Mahakali.
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Re: Ujjain Mahakali

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Have you visited this temple ?Do you know the postal address for this temple ?

Re: Ujjain Mahakali

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I have visited. The temple is under the control of Endowment department from about 4 years. But you can't see any staff there. The Pujari family is living within the temple and maintaining it. You can reach the temple with the following address. But I don't know whether you can post a letter or send some donation to this address. She is locally called as Garh kali / Ghad kali / Gad kali.
Garh kali mandir, Bheru garh, Ujjain

Near by sightseeing :
Sthirman Ganesh temple (Maha vinayak),
Peer Machhar (Peer Matsyendranath),
Bharthari gufa (Bhartri hari gufa)
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