Sankari Devi, Srilanka

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Sankari Devi, Srilanka

Postby Kondurkumar on Thu Oct 16, 2008 1:36 pm

Where is this temple now.As such there is no tracing of the goddess at trinconmolee,srilanka.Heard that she is srinagar, kasmir.Any contributions pls
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Re: Sankari Devi,Srilanka

Postby Siva on Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:04 pm

Sorry. the temple at Srinagar is of Sarika mata (Saraswati in Ashtadasa Shakti peethas).

Re: Sankari Devi,Srilanka

Postby Kondurkumar on Mon Jan 05, 2009 2:29 pm

saraswati devi is not sarika devi.Both are different.Sharada peetham is at POK about 150kms from Muzaffarabad capital of POK.Lot of Kashmir Pandits and Hindus are representing the Government for visit to this most sacred far as the details iam having the temple is completly destroyed.some information of sharada mata temple /saraswati for your information:
Sharada has been a famous Tirth of Kashmir since ancient times. It is situated on the left bank of Kishen Ganga river, at the confluence of Madhumati. Presently, the place is under the occupation of Pakistan. In olden days, a fair was held annually on 8th day of the lunar fortnight of Bhadun where Shraadh was also performed. In Rajatarangini, Sharada has been mentioned during the King Lalitaditya’s times, when followers of the king of Godh (Bengal) came to Kashmir under the pretext of visiting Sharada, in order to kíll Lalitaditya. Alberuni has clubbed Sharada with the famous Hindu Tirthas of India and ranked it second only to grand Surya Temple at Multan. People from far flung areas used to visit this Tirth in good numbers to perform Devi’s puja. This proves that Sharada was famous as a Tirth throughout India. Hem Chandra, a Jain scholar refers to Sharada as a temple dedicated to Saraswati. Sultan Zain-Ul-Abidin, the great king of Kashmir popularly known as Budshah (1420 -1470 A.D.) is said to have visited this place in the early years of his reign. Sharada temple is situated on a hillock. There was a 9 feet wide staircase, consisting of 63 steps, leading from river to the temple. In olden days, the temple had a wall all around it, which was eleven feet high from inside and much more higher from outside. On south-west side, was a large entrance gate leading into the temple premises. Main temple was situated in the centre of the compound. The Temple was based on a 24 feet by 24 feet plinth, 5.25 feet above ground. Entrance to the temple was on the west side with a 5.5 feet wide staircase leading upto the Sanctum Sanctorum. There was a 4 feet wide landing at the entrance gate, supported by two pillars. The pillars were 2.25 feet by 2.25 feet square in section and 16 feet high. The Sanctum Sanctorum was 12.25 feet by 12.25 feet square without any decoration. At the centre, is a stone slab 7 feet long, 6 feet wide and 6 inches thick, about which it is said that it covers the Kund, from which Devi appeared to pay a darshan to the hill. Devotees used to worship this stone slab as well. Stein compares the architecture of Sharada temple with that of the Kapteshwar temple of Kashmir. The simple style of the architecture and absence of any decoration in the temple makes it amply clear that the temple has been constructed in the second half of the tenth century.

Pics of Dilapidated and ruined the most sacred sharada devi temple in POK in the hands of Pak army

Sharda - 1

sorry i dont know how to post pics here.I have pics of these ruined temple

Re: Sankari Devi,Srilanka

Postby Srihari on Mon Jan 05, 2009 7:20 pm

Hi Ranjit,
I think you know history very well. O.k. Let me first explain how to post pictures.
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You stressed Two points.
saraswati devi is not sarika devi
Sharada peetham is at POK
I will accept the second one but not the first!

You have presented a very good information about the Sharada peetham at POK. Yes. There is debate on the exact location of Saraswati Shaktipeeth in Kashmir. According to my knowledge, there are four sects of people.

The first group belongs to You. They will take the historical references of Sharada peeth as a great Pilgrimage center in olden days. The second group belongs to Siva. They will consider the Sthala purana of Sarika mata. You might have heard the story.

Story of Sankari devi and Saraswati devi:

Once Parvathi devi asked Lord Shiva to built a house for them. But, Shiva is not interested. He loves Vairagya. He replied that he can't do it because of lack of money. Parvathi didn't agreed. She asked him again and again. Finally Shiva called Vishwakarma and ordered him to built a house. Vishwakarma went to Lanka dweepam. (Again, there is a controversy on the location of Lanka. I will write another post for that.) He built a wonderful palace.

Shiva wanted to do Griha pravesam. At that time Ravana is doing Tapasya for Lord Shiva. Pleased by his Tapasya, Shiva and Parvathi appeared before him. Shiva gave boons. Ravana is Brahmin by birth. He is a master of four Vedas. Parvathi asked Ravana to perform Puja for their Griha pravesam. Ravana accepted it very happily. He did all Pujas and made them enter the house. Pleased by the dedication of Ravana in doing Pujas, Parvathi told him to take a boon from her. But, Ravana is only great at Tapasya and Knowledge. He is not good at heart.

Ravanasura asked Shiva about taking a boon in return to the Puja he made. Shiva replied that it is not good for a Brahmin to ask returns for the Puja. A real Brahmin must satisfy with the Dana and Dakshina given by Yajamani. He should never ask what to give as Dana or Dakshina. Parvathi told that Ravana can ask any thing he wishes. Ravanasura was attracted by the Lanka palace. He asked the palace as a boon! (Who knows? Parvathi may also be convinced by the Vairagya of Shiva.)

She accepted. She gave Lanka palace to Ravanasura as Dakshina! She was fully depressed. Seeing that, Ravana asked Jaganmata to live in Lanka. Shiva disappeared. Parvathi told that she will be in the form of Shankari (Shakti peeth), as long as Ravana follows her word. Also warned that she will leave Lanka if Ravana don't cares her.

She is going to Kailasa with sorrow and grief. At Kashmir, Goddess Saraswati appeared before her. Saraswati is telling consoling words to Parvathi. Parvathi was frustrated and told Saraswati that she is speaking like a parrot. Parvati called her Sarika (One who speaks like Parrot). She told her to stay there and tell this type of words to all. By the respect on Parvathi, Saraswati appeared in Kashmir as a Shakti peeth. Parvathi went to Kailasa.

Shankari Shakti peeth:

Ravana built temple for Shankari and grown Ashoka vanam around the temple. That is the most beautiful garden in Lanka. But, after some time Ravana brought Sita mata from Lord Sri rama. Shankari mata told Ravana to return Sita to Sri rama. But he refused. Shankari left Lanka and was passing through the forests of Kashmir to reach Kailasa. At that time there are many great devotees of Parvathi in Kashmir. They prąyed her to stay there and give blessings to them. Shankari accepted their plea and appeared as Vana Durga.

Again, Let us come to our discussion. I too belong to this second group. I believe the Sthala purana of Sarika temple. I believe in the name Sarika. There is a third group telling that Kheer Bhavani in Kashmir is Saraswati Shakti peeth. They will show the fame of Kheer Bhavani. They also support their logic with the style of worship running in the temple of Kheer Bhavani. Puranas suggest Milk, as a way to get the blessings of Saraswati. Kheer Bhavani is offered a lot of milk for Abhisheka and and Naivedya. (The name Kheer Bhavani / Ksheera Bhavani itself came from this worship.) But, the Sthala purana at Kheer Bhavani temple tells that she is Shankari who stayed in the forests of Kashmir by the requests of Rishis.

The fourth group are very famous. They come up with the story of Adi Shankaracharya. They tell that Adi Shankaracharya found Saraswati peetham and shifted her golden idol to Sringeri. According to them Sringeri Sarada peetham itself is Saraswati Shakti peetham.

Lankayam Shankari devi

Postby Srihari on Mon Jan 05, 2009 7:34 pm

What is Lanka? Lanka means an island. Where is it?
According to Ramayana, Lanka is located at a distance of 100 yojanas from the Southern border of India. That means, 1300 k.m. It will be near or around Equator! This resembles another meaning of Lanka, that is zero.
What about the Sri Lanka country? There is a temple of Trikoneswara swamy in the Trincomali, Jafna, of Srlanka. It is also told that there is a temple of Sankari mata in the past which was destroyed by the Portuguese people.
Devi Bhagavatam described Manidweepam as Lanka! (Which is an island located in the midst of Sudha samudra)

Any how, Thanks for your info on Sharada Shakti peetham. I'm interested in the pictures of Sharada peetham. Please post them. Let us share our knowledge to worship God.
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