Mahakali photos

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Mahakali photos

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One of the most important place of Mahakali worship is Ujjain. She is the main diety here. She was described as Mahakaleswareswari. That means she is the wife of Mahakaleswar. In Ujjain Mahakali temple will be called as Garh Kali temple. It is present in Bherugarh area. It is about 6 to 7 km distance from Mahakal temple, we have to go in Auto to reach this temple.
Mahakali temple is very nearer to kshipra river. In Kumbhamela time Shakti akhara will be established in this area. Matsyendranath samadhi present nearer to Mahakali temple. Hanumatkeswar shiva ling, one of 84 jyotirlingas in Ujjain, present in this temple campus. Bhartru gufa is also within walkable distance from this place. Ujjain mahakali is one of the 18 shaktipeeth, and one of the 12 shaktipeeth. In 12 Shaktipeethas list this place was described as Malavasthala. Here Kalidas got Mahakali blessings.
It is a old temple of medium size. Temple priest family is living with in the temple campus. The temple has two entrances. One is in South side and another one in west side. Karana (Alcohol) will be offered to Mother goddess like in Kalbhairav temple. Mahalakshmi and Maha Sarswaty idols present on two sides of Mahakali. A big statue of Mahakali present in Sindhura varana. Kala bhairav and gora bhairav present as gate keepers of Maa darbar. Lion statue present in front of Mother goddess.
These are some photos of Mahakali temple Ujjain

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Garhkali temple photo taken from backside.
Mahakali temple sikharam.
Deepasthamba present in temple campus, on which hundreds of deepas enlighted on festival days.
Simhavahana (Lion) present in front of mother goddess.
Shivalingas present in temple campus.
Inner entrance of Mahakali temple.
Mahakali along with Mahalakshmi on her right side.
Mahakali along with Saraswathy in her left side.
UJJain Mahakali picture full view. See Kali maa feet.
Ujjain Mahakali puja moorthy. Generally puja will be performed to this moorthy.
Garh Kali old photo hanged on the wall of temple.
Kali puja, Ksheera Abhishekam (Milk) of Kali ma.
Mahakali worshipped with Sindhooram.
Mahakali worshiped with Arkamala.
Mahakali fully decorated with sindhoor and sweta arkamala, after Kali puja.
Mahakali giving blessings and prasada.
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