Ekaveera devi

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Ekaveera devi

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Ekaveera devi photo
Ekaveera devi is one of the 18 Shaktipeethas, Sadeteen Shaktipeeth.

Right Breast of Sati devi fell here.

Ekaveera MahaaShakti Mahugrama guhaasthitaa /
bhavaanii viira vikhyaataa dharma rakshana tatparaa //

Location of Ekaveera Shaktipeeth:
Ekaveera Shaktipeeth located at a small village Heure near Mahur.
Heure Village > Mahur > Nanded district > Maharashtra

Nearest Bus stand : Mahur
Nearest Railway station : Nanded / Kinwat
Nearest Airport : Nanded / Nagpur / Mumbai

Here Renuka mata temple present on Mahurgarh hill, Ekaveera Shaktipeeth present on the banks of Penganga river. See Mahur map: travel-guide/topic193.html

Ekaveera temple:
Ekaveera temple is a small temple with one hall and Sanctum sanctorum. Only head of Ekaveera mata present here. But the idol is very big in size. Pan will be offered to Devi here.

Renuka mata is the consort of Jamadagni maharshi. She usually brought water from river in a freshly made wet pot. But one day she saw Gandharvas enjoying in river, at that time she got worldly desires, so she was unable to create pot. After reaching Ashram without water, Jamadagni mahrashi identified her worldly desires and ordered his son Parasu Rama to separate her head. Parasu Rama obeyed his fathers order and cut her mothers head. The separated head of Renuka mata was Ekaveera devi. Remaining body was Renuka mata. After that on request of Parasu Rama, Jamadagni gave life to Renuka mata.
Ekaveera mata is the power present in axe of Parasurama. With this power only Parasu Rama cleaned Earth 21 times by kílling all kings on Earth.
Atri Anasuya ashram also present here. Dattatreya born to them here. Lord Dattaterya will come and sleep here every day.

Ekaveera shaktipeeth is famous for Tantrik cult. Devotees will offer Bali to devi.

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