Kolhapur Mahalkshmi darshan

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Kolhapur Mahalkshmi darshan

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Kolhapur Mahalakshmi is one of the 18 Shaktipeethas and Sadeteen (3 1/2) Shaktipeeth. Eyes of Sati devi fell here.
Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Dhyanarupa
Kolhapur Ambabai (Mahalakshmi) image

mahAlakSHmyabhidA dEvI karavIrapurasthitA /
puruSHArtha pradAmAtA sampurNAmRita varSHiNI //

Location Of Kolhapur Shaktipeeth / Karaveer Shaktipeeth
Kolhapur >Maharashtra> India
Kolhapur is well connected by Road, Railway and Air routes
Nearest Bus stand is in Kolhapur. There are many direct buses from various cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai etc.
Nearest Railway station is in Kolhapur.

Kolhapur city: This old city has history since 5000 years. There are about two hundred temples in this sacred city. The city present on the banks of penganga(Pancha Ganga) river. This holy city will compared with kasi in many aspects. This was called as Dakshina kasi. Agastya maharshi also visited this city when he came out from Varanasi. Daily Lord Dattareya will also came to Kolhapur for Bhikshatana.

Kolhapur Ambabai temple: Ambabai temple / Mahalakshmi temple present in the center of city. It is in 3 km distance from Railway station and 10 km distance from Airport. The temple was came into light by Konkan king Karnadeo in 109 A.D by clearing the forest in surrounding areas, After that several kings in various dynasties like Chalukya, Silhar, Yadavas also visited the temple. Chatrapathi Shivaji and Sambhaji also developed the temple. Jagadguru Adishankaracharya also visited this temple.

Mahalkshmi Idol: Mahalakshmi idol in this temple is very beautiful, attractive and 3 feet in height. Here Mahalakshmi idol faces west side. Ambabai has four hands with club, Madiphala in right hands and sheild and panapatra in left hands. On the head of maa, we can see cobra hood, yoni mudra and shiva linga. we can worship maa Ambabai feet with kumkum. But only gents will be allowed to perform this puja.

Sthala Purana: Once upon a time this city, Padmavathi pura, was ruled by a demon Kolha. when he went for penance, another demon named Sukesi occupied this city. After completion of penance Kolha got boons from Lord Brahma and returned to his capital, and observed that was captured by another one. He immediately kílled Sukesi and got his kingdom. He put his son Karaveera as incharge of this city. But in a war he was kílled by Lord Shiva, but at that time he got a boon from Lord Shiva, that this city will be called as Karaveera pura. Kolha became angry with this action and want to take revenge against devatas. He did penance for Mahalakshmi and got permission that she should not enter in to city for 100 years. She accepted for that, after that Kolha created many difficulties to Devatas and occupied their Swarga also. When Devatas praised Mahalakshmi, she told them to wait for completion of 100 years. After 100 years bond was over, she came to Karaveera pura and defeated Kolha in that war. He realized his mistake and praised her and got three boons from her. First one this city name will come from his name Kolha as Kolhapur, second she should live in this place permanently and third one this place should become as Siddha kshetra. In this way Kolhapur became an important Shaktippeth.

Another story linked with Kolhapur is, Once sage Bhrigu rishi tested the greatness of trimurthys, at that time he visited Vakuntha also. First Lord Vishnu deliberately unnoticed him, Bhrigu rishi got angry with this nonrecognition and hit the Hridaya sthala of Lord Vishnu with his foot. That is the place of Lakshmi mata. Then Lord Vishnu respected Bhrigu rishi and pressed his Ahamkara eye in his foot. Bhrigu rishi recognised his mistake and went back to his ashram. But at that time Lakshmi mata got angry upon Lord Vishnu, as he did not punish Bhrigu rishi when he hit his Hridaya sthala, which is Lakshmi mata's place. Even he shows respect towards the sage. Because of this reason Lakshmi mata left Vaikuntha and came to Kolhapur. After Lord Vishnu also came to earth and did penance for Maha Lakshmi in Tirumala, then she accepted Lord Vishnu and came to Tirumala. Lord Venkateswar swamy temple also present in Kolhapur Mahalakshmi temple.

1. Saptashati stotra pathana
2. Pradhanika rahasyam will clearly tell about worship of Mahalakshmi
3. Devi sukta pathana
4. Kiran utsav will be conducted every year. On this day Sun ray will be directly touches Ambabai feet in early morning at sun rise.
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