Mangala gauri temple

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Mangala gauri temple

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Gaya Mangala Gauri Dhyana rupa
Mangala Gauri temple present in Gaya, which is one of the 18 Shaktippethas.
Breast of Sati devi fell here.

sarvamangaLa mAngalyA gayA mAngalya gaurikA /
arthadA mOkSHadA dEvi akSHayya phaladAyinI //

Location of Shaktipeeth:
Mangala Gauri hill > Gaya > Bihar
Nearest Bus stand is in Gaya which is in 3 to 5 km distance.
Nearest Railway station is in Gaya which is in 4 to 5 km distance.
Nearest Airport is Bodhgaya Airport which is in 8 to 10 km distance.
Mangala Gauri temple is very nearer to Vishnupada temple which is in 1 km distance.

Mangala Gauri temple:
It is a very old temple built in 15th century. We have to climb up a small hillock to reach the temple. The steps route is in between houses of local people. At the starting of steps route there is temple of Bhima (One of Five Pandavas). We can see his knee impression here. Here Bhima did Shraddhakarma, hence called as Bhimvedi Gaya.
After climbing around 200 steps we will reach Mangala Gowri temple campus. There are several temples in that campus. Lord Ganesh temple, Lord Shiva temple and very old temple of Lord Janardhan swamy, Kali maa temple, Breast fallen place present in the campus. A Bilwa tree also present in that temple.
Ganesh temple present in front of main temple. Beside that Lord Shiva temple also present. We can do pradakshina to temple. In the backside of temple, adjacent to temple wall there is a sacred place where Sati devi sthana fell. Beside this place Kali maa idol is there. Main temple is very small temple and only 2 to 3 members can go into the temple at a time. There is no idol in the temple. We can see Breast of Satidevi in deepa lighting. Lord Shiva also present in the form of Shivaling beside maa. Some Tantriks will offer Bali to Mother Goddess.

Importance of Gaya:
Gaya will be considered as must see place for every Hindu. This is because of its greatness for Shraddha karmas. This is the best place to do Shraddha karmas. Vishnupad temple, where Lord Vishnu stood upon Dharmavrata Shila on head of Gayasura, is the important temple in Gaya. Lord Gadadhara is the main diety here. This temple present beside Holy Phalguni river. This place is also considered as one of Sapta Mokshapuras and Pancha Gaya kshetras.
Lord Buddha also got salvation in Gaya. He started his teachings after getting Gnana in Gaya. A very famous Bodhivriksha, which is the important tourist place for Buddhists also present in Gaya. Here Lord Buddha statue is completely made up of Pure gold.
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Mangla gauri temple photos

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Ganesh at Mangal Gowri.jpg
Ganesh temple in front of Mangala Gauri temple.
Siva temple.jpg
Shiva temple beside Main temple
Mangala Gowri temple.jpg
Mangala Gauri temple.
Sculpture at Mangala Gowri.jpg
Sculptures on Mangala Gauri temple.
Breast fallen place.jpg
Maa Satidevi Breast fallen place.
Breast fallen place_2.jpg
Devotees will enlighten deepas in this breast fallen place.
Siva at Mangala Gowri.jpg
Lord Shiva in Mangala Gauri temple.
Janardhana swamy temple.jpg
Lord Janardhan swamy temple.
Janardhana swamy.jpg
Lord Janardhan swamy

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