Devi & mountains

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Devi & mountains

Postby Veena on Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:06 pm

Which are the mountains that are sacred to Devi, mountains that are said to be Devi herself, or mountains where Devi resides?
Durga resides in the Vindhya mountains, Parvati lives on Kailash with Shiva - these are those I know, are there more mountains connected with Devi?
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Re: Devi & mountains

Postby Admin on Thu Jun 07, 2012 7:06 pm

Hi Veena, Welcome to Shakti devotees forum.
You raised a question, which requires very exhaustive answer. Let us examine it carefully...
Mountains that are sacred to Devi:
All places of worship of Devi located on mountains. This list may also include the places sacred to other deities like lord Shiva, lord Ganesh and lord Vishnu.
Mountains that are said to be Devi herself:
??? Strictly speaking, as far as my knowledge goes, no mountain is called by a female name. Of-course, earth itself is our holy mother.
Mountains where Devi resides:
Starting from Vindhyavasini and Parvati, there are innumerable forms of Devi, which are famous by the names of mountains where they are present.

There is an interesting discussion between Himavanta and Devi, regarding the favorite places of her worship. Once Himavanta did a great penance for Devi. She appeared before him and told about her future incarnation as Parvati in his wife. But Himavanta was afraid of this boon. He reminded the mistake done by Daksha and prąyed Jaganmata to give suitable knowledge to take care of her in a proper way. Devi taught him "Devi gita" in which she explained various modes of her Sadhana, including favorite places of her worship and important Vratas.

Sarvaṃ dṛśyaṃ mama sthānaṃ sarve kālā vratātmakāḥ
utsavāssarvakāleṣu yatohaṃ sarvarūpiṇī

All places in this world are mine, and I can be worshiped all time. I'm the Omni.
But, to please my devotees I'm telling a few important places...
She gives a big list, out of them, more than half are on hills or mountains.

But, the Kamakhya Shaktipeeth on Nilachal hill is incomparable. It is located near Guwahati in the state of Assam.

The Kamakhya Yoni Mandalam of Srimat Tripura Bhairavi is the jewel in the sacred places of earth. It is the abode of Mahamaya, no other place in this earth is comparable to it. Once in every twelve months Devi goes into menstrual cycle. There, all the gods became as hills and reside on hills. The wise know that the entire land there is Devi herself. No other place is comparable to Kamakhya Yoni Mandala.
- Devi Bhagavata, 7th Skanda, 38th Adhyaya, 15-18 Shlokas

Ambubachi Mela (The period of annual menstruation of Devi Kamakhya) is coming in two weeks. It starts in the evening of 22nd June, every year. The temple will be closed for three days, i.e, 23rd 24th and 25th, and reopened in the morning of 26th. Devotees are allowed for Darshan from noon, after the main Puja by priests.

Re: Devi & mountains

Postby Veena on Thu Jun 07, 2012 11:58 pm

About Nilachal hill: Is this hill itself (the manifestation of) a deity?
Perhaps the hill is Shiva, ever waiting for his beloved?
Do people do pradakshina around the hill?

Re: Devi & mountains

Postby Admin on Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:01 pm

Yes. The hill is lord Shiva himself, But not, ever waiting for his beloved goddess! Actually they are in union. Shiva is in the form of Kameswara who always tries to please the goddess. Each and every god at Nilachala is in companion with their beloved. Of-course, there is another form of Shiva, by name Umananda, as a hill in the midst of river Brahmaputra, who is believed to have bųrnt Kama Deva.

It's difficult to do Pradakshina around the hill. Half of it is surrounded by the mighty Brahmaputra, and there is no foot-way on that side. Tigers also roam in that thick forest. I heard of only a very few people who managed to complete a Pradakshina to Nilachala. We can do Pradakshina to the main temple of Kamakhya.


Re: Devi & mountains

Postby Veena on Fri Jun 08, 2012 7:17 pm

The hill is lord Shiva himself, But not, ever waiting for his beloved goddess! Actually they are in union.

Near in Tamil Nadu, there is a hill named Arunachala.
Ramana Maharshi said that while there are many abodes that are sacred because they are abodes of Shiva, Arunachala is Shiva himself.
There is a legend that Parvati once covered the eyes of Shiva whereupon the world fell into darkness.
To atone for this sin, Devi went to Arunachala to do tapas and by her firm devotion acquired the half of Shiva's body.
So Arunachala is Shiva + Devi in one, Ardhanarishvara.
Now, from the Shakta point of view half & half form rather is Devi who gave half of her body to Shiva, I think the name is Ardhanarishvari.
So it is very interesting that there is a hill that is the manifestation of Ardhanrishvari.

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