Sankashti chaturthi 18 Feb 2014, rarest of rare

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Sankashti chaturthi 18 Feb 2014, rarest of rare

Postby Admin on Tue Dec 31, 2013 9:28 pm

In 2010 we published an article on Sankashti chaturthi reminding a very rare Muhurtha that occurred then, which got so much popularity and was even taken by the off-line media like books and journals. Actually we told that the Muhurtham mentioned was very rare and may occur only once in every seven years. You may believe or not. THAT SINGLE VRATAM CHANGED OUR LIVES. We ourselves are the testimonials for the greatness and efficacy of Samkashti chaturthi.

Lord Ganesha is more gracious than we think. In just four years he is coming with 'a golden opportunity for us to get blessed'. Yes. It's on 18th February 2014, at night 9:00 p.m. This Muhurtam not only has all the qualifications of the previously told one (Magha Angaraki Sankashti), but also additional Hasta nakshatram, the beloved star for Ganesha.

Ok, Let me explain in detail. On 18th Feb, Magha masam, Bahula chavithi (4th aspect of waning moon), Mangala varam (Tuesday) and Hasta nakshathram are coming at once to form a blessed moment to do Sankashtahara Ganapathi vratam. Much more important is, this chavithi is in combination with tadiya, i.e, lord Ganesa is with his mother Parvathi- powerful, cool and willing to favor more!!! Really we can't expect a better occasion than this to do Sankashthi, even in decades.

For details on Puja you can read the previous articles in english(1,2,3) and telugu. Of-course, you are welcome to ask yours doubts always.

Chant Jaya Gajanana throughout the day. at-least at the time of moon-rise around 9:00 p.m.
All of you know that Durva is the most important item for the worship of lord Ganesha.
Ask lord Ganesha- "sankaTaam maam nivaaraya" (dispel my obstacles) after Puja.

We are providing Sankashta Nashana stotram from the chapter 40 of Ganesha purana. Chant this as much as you can. It was done by Indra to get relief from the problems caused by Tripurasura. Lord Ganesha accepted this stotram and blessed that those who chant it will get his blessings very soon.

Sankashta Nashana stotram - sanskrit/ devanagari/ hindi:
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Sankashta Nashana stotram - english/ iast:
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Sankashta Nashana stotram - telugu

Meditate on lord Ganesha's Dhyanarupa -
with four hands, right lower bearing Parasu(axe), right upper- Ankusam(goad), left upper Pasam(noose), left lower- Kamalam(lotus). He is with two tusks, and the trunk encircling a tusk. Having golden crest and nice ear-rings, he is with crescent on his head. With the luster of crore suns, he is pasted with red-sandal, vermillion and musk. and then read this stotram sincerely. You will sure get benefits. Don't think that I'm excited. Implement it. You yourself will find the results.

Moon-rise timings

Postby Admin on Wed Jan 01, 2014 9:57 am

Hyderabad - 9:07 p.m
Vijayawada - 8:58 p.m
Kakinada - 8:51 p.m
ChennaI - 8:57 p.m
Bangalore - 9:08 p.m
Varanasi - 8:52 p.m
Ujjain - 9:21 p.m
You may also check this panchangam for Sankashti timings

Another important point. This form of lord Ganesh is present at leNyadri (Maharashtra), one of the AshtaVinayak temples. Those who are nearby can make a trip on that day. But, remember Moon-rise time is the most important thing.

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