Sreemad Vaalmeeki Ramayanam in telugu script pdfs

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Sreemad Vaalmeeki Ramayanam in telugu script pdfs

Postby gopalpss on Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:38 pm

I am PSAPVSRS Swamy, aged 75. about 2 years back I downloaded Ramayanam published by sakthi peethas in telugu script on line. I read it and noticed many slokas were omitted. I wanted to make sampoorana valmiki ramayanam in telugu. I sought permission to do it and permitted. By Sree Seetha Rama's grace I could complete it. Now 6 kandas in 6 pdf. formats.I have also inserted drawings available in internet. I wish to send them to you on line as it can be used by devotees reading telugu and interested in reading Valmiki Ramayanam.

I have referred to Ramayanam moolam published by Sreeman Sribhashyam Applacharyulu garu in Telugu and also on line valmeeki ramayanam in sanskrit published on line for the purpose.
1 Baala Kaandam.docx
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2 Ayodhya Kaandam.docx
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3 ARANYA KAANDAM word document..docx
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6 Yuddha Kaandam.docx
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1 Baala Kaandam.pdf
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2 Ayodhya Kaandam.pdf
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3 ARANYA KAANDAM word document..pdf
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6 Yuddha Kaandam.pdf
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Re: Sreemad Vaalmeeki Ramayanam in telugu script pdfs

Postby bhanu_rekhag on Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:00 am

Thanks for the great work.

It is really amazing..

Though I would love to read tatparyam under the slokas but getting slokas is also one of the best things.

Re: Sreemad Vaalmeeki Ramayanam in telugu script pdfs

Postby gopalpss on Tue May 23, 2017 8:52 pm

Today I have accessed sakthi peethas web site. I could see Ramayanam 6 Kandams are being used by many devotees. I felt happy since it is useful to many. By the instigigation of Sree Rama and with His grace He made me degitize Uththara kandam also. Adhika patha slokas also included. I'm uploading it to make it available to bhakthas.

With warm regards.
PSAPVSRS Swamy alias PSGopalan.
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