Navagraha temple - Gauhati

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Navagraha temple - Gauhati

Postby Uma on Thu Nov 06, 2008 5:47 pm

Navagraha temple / Nabagraha temple is one of the important tourist attractions in Guwahati. It is situated in the South eastern part of Gauhati on the crest of Navagraha hills (Pauranically called as Chitrachal). We have to climb up the hill to reach the temple either by steps route or by ghat route.
Kamakhya map showing Navagraha temple

The Navagraha temple is an achievement of advanced engineering techniques used in olden days. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple consists of nine Shiva lingas covered with cloths of different colors sacred to the nine planetary gods. All Nava graha lingas are arranged in a circle with the respective idols (Dhyana rupas of Nava grahas) of them in-front. The roof of the temple is dome like and any mantra chanted in the sanctum resonates and gives a feel as if it came from each corner of the temple.

Worshiping the Navagrahas reduces the problems caused due to horoscope.
The cloths used for different Nava grahs is given below.


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