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Postby nvm on Sat Nov 22, 2008 5:03 pm

Poleramma is a local form of Sakti in Andhra pradesh. She is worshiped as Grama devata (Godess who protects the village). In my childhood I asked my Grand-father to tell the story of Poleramma. He explained me.

Story of Poleramma:

Once Lord Siva is going on Nandi(Ox) in a mid summer. Siva felt very exhausted and sweat came out of his fore-head. He removed it and throw away. Poleramma, who is an incarnation of Adi para sakti borne from that sweat. Lord Siva wondered and asked who is she. Poleramma replied that she is the daughter of Siva and prąyed him to take care of her. Siva accepted and took her in his hands. They were passing to Kailasam.

By the Sun-set they reached a forest. Siva told Nandi that they will stay there for that night. All of them took Dinner. But, it is not sufficient to Poleramma. She asked for additional food. Siva gave some extra food. But, that is also not sufficient. She began to cry because of hunger. Siva brought a lot of food with no success in fulfilling the hunger of Poleramma. They slept. In the mid-night Lord Siva woke-up, and flew to Kailasam with Nandi, leaving Poleramma in the mid-forest.

Raise of Poleramma:

Next day morning Poleramma woke-up and searched for Siva. She couldn't find him. Nobody is there to help her. She bacame depressed and started crying. After some time she remembered her real identity. She is Adi para Sakti herself. She wanted to teach a lesson to Siva and controlled all Ox in the world. No Ox is working. All people suffered a lot and prąyed her to solve the problem. She got too much fame by this incident. Nobody is remembering Siva. All the people accepted Poleramma as their God and built a temple for her.

Siva became frustrated with this. He wanted to keep his Supremacy. One day night Lord Siva tried to demolish the temple of Poleramma. She got angry and defeated Siva in the war. Siva prąyed her and remembered that she is his daughter. She controlled her anger and lifted Siva up. Lord Siva also accepted Poleramma as the Supreme of all Gods.

Re: Poleramma

Postby Srihari on Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:14 pm

This story of Poleramma resembles "Charchika", described in "Vaamana puranam".
Charchika took birth at the time of war between Lord Shiva and Andhakasura. Lord Shiva felt exhausted in the war and then his sweat fell on the ground. From that sweat Mangala and Charchika took birth. (Like Veerabhadra and Bhadrakali, who appeared at the time of Daksha yajna dhwamsam). She is called as Rakta dantika in Chandi Upasana.

Controlling Ox (Nandi / Rishabha) resembles the nature of controlling Kama (Lust), which is the character of Rakta dantika. This is another similarity.

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Postby Siva on Sun Nov 23, 2008 7:59 pm

I have some doubts
1.What is the difference between Poleramma and Polimeramma?
2.In some villages Gramadevatha is not Poleramma. May be Maisamma or Ankalamma etc. what about that?
3.I heard another story about Poleramma.
There are 100 Sisters [Poleramma and Others]and 1 Brother [Pothuraju].
What the story resembles?
Please give me clarification

Re: Poleramma

Postby nvm on Tue Nov 25, 2008 11:45 am

I don't find difference between Poleramma and Polimeramma.
The above story don't tell that she is the only Gramadevatha. What is your doubt? I too heard the saying pointed by you. I don't know the meanings.

Re: Poleramma

Postby Srihari on Tue Nov 25, 2008 12:21 pm

Polimeramma coins to the meaning of protecting Polimera (Edge of a village). That is a broad word. Many Grama devathas come under this meaning.

The second story also resembles the Andhakasura vadha depicted in Vamana puranam. At a time of war 100 Matrikas appeared along with Charchika and Mangala. Pls remind: It's only a resemblance.

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