Sankashtahara Ganapati Vratam

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Re: Sankashtahara Ganapati Vratam

Postby Rao on Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:37 pm

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Thank you very much for all the times. It helps a lot of people away from AP, and abroad all over.
My compliments on the details.


Sankashtahara Ganapathi Dhyanam

Postby Admin on Sat Jan 30, 2010 1:35 pm

Sankashtahara Ganapathy Dhyana shloka given by Ganesha Purana :

Ekadantam mahakayam taptakanchanasannibham
Lambodaram vishalaksham jvalatpavakalochanam /
Akhuprishtha samarudham chamaraih vijitam ganaih
Sheshayajnopavitam cha chintayeyam gajananam //

Sankashtahara Ganapathy description in the list of 32 Dhyana rupas of Lord Ganesha :

Sankatahara Ganapati, "the Dispeller of Sorrow," is of sun like hue, dressed in blue, and seated on a red lotus flower. He holds a bowl of pudding, a goad and a noose while gesturing the boon-granting varada mudra.

Sankashtahara Ganapathy Shodasopachara Puja Video from youtube :

Doubts Regarding Sankashtahara Ganapati Vratam

Postby ramya2931 on Mon Feb 01, 2010 6:27 pm


i have few doubts regarding sankashtahara vratam..

1. If by any means we cant see moon on that day what is the other option ?

2. If we will not get hibiscus flowers can we use other flowers like jasmine,chamanthi and all.. i read somewhere that ganapathi likes 5 petals flower so can we keep any 5 petal flower if we will not get hibiscus flowers?

3. In the evening when should we start doing pooja and when should we end the pooja?

4. Can u send me ganapathi aarti song so that i can sing at the end of the vratam.

5. Can we have juices,fruits on that day and after pooja can we eat rice or we should eat tiffin?

Re: Doubts Regarding Sankashtahara Ganapati Vratam

Postby Admin on Mon Feb 01, 2010 7:54 pm

  • It's very much stressed about seeing Moon god. But, if not possible, don't wait until you see him. Offer your prayers to Moon god, Chaturthi tithi and Lord Ganesh at the time of Moon rise. That is much more important.
  • Red colored flowers like Hibiscus, Rose and Lotus are encouraged. But, they are not compulsory and you can use others too.
  • We should start Puja after Sunset and complete it by Moonrise (May be between 6.00 P.M to 9.00 P.M).
  • Actually I don't know any Arti specific to Sankashtahara Ganapathi. One thing I can warn about is, Please don't use the Arti written for Varada Ganapathi, because it will have something like, "I pledged not to see Moon", which is exactly opposite to Sankashtahara Ganapathi, who gave boons to Moon god after being worshiped by him.
  • Upavasa is encouraged, of-course, it has many variations like, Nirjalopavasa (fasting with out even water), Jalopavasa(with water), Ksheeropavasa(with milk), Phalopavasa(with fruits, as you told) and many more, depending on one's capacity. After offering prayers to lord Ganesh at the time of Moon rise, we shall end Upavasa by taking Prasad. We can take complete meals and no prohibition is present on that. But, if we are trying to do Jagarana (night-halt), our meals will be simple for the sake of convenience.
What to do if it is not possible to do Vratam because of some problem?
Nama japam is the solution. Say "Gajanana" all the day and offer prayers to Moon god, Chaturthi tithi and Ganesha at the time of Moon rise.

What if we do errs in Puja vidhi?
No body is perfect. It is only lord Shiva who has complete knowledge. Let us prąy lord Shiva, the Adi Guru (who guides us in all our deeds) and lord Vishnu, Yajna phala data (who fulfills us in all our deeds).

Re: Sankashtahara Ganapati Vratam

Postby ramya2931 on Tue Feb 02, 2010 3:08 pm


Can u tell me the moon rise timing for today

Also can u let me know how can we know moon rise timings for coming months sankatahara vratam.

Where can i get Garaka? Its not available nea my place so i took grass from lawn, is that ok?

And can u tell me what prasads can i prepare. i mean can u let me know what are the favorite reccipes of lord Ganesh.

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