Sankashtahara Ganapati Vratam

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Re: Sankashtahara Ganapati Vratam

Postby Admin on Tue Feb 02, 2010 3:55 pm

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Where can i get Garaka? Its not available nea my place so i took grass from lawn, is that ok?

Ganesha!!! Don't use grass in place of Garika and Never compare Garika with normal grass.
All words are not equal, Name of God is different. and all grass are not equal, Garika (Durva) is different.
In Secunderabad, you can purchase Garika at Monda market (near by Railway station) in evening times.

Please try to read the previous posts of this thread. Here you can find moon rise timings for various locations, of-course for HYD too. festivals/topic183-5.html#p399. You can use Panchangas to know moon rise timings and all tithi info. You can also go through this online panchangam.
Favorite dishes include the ones given in first page! (Kudumulu, Undrallu, Payasam, Aratipallu and Nuvvulu). All others are optional. You can also prepare full meals with a lot of items. But, the main thing needed is devotion.

Continuing Vratam

Postby Admin on Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:31 pm

Those who are interested in doing Vratam in the next months, can go through these dates.
March 3rd 2010 [Hasta nakshatram] (Important)
April 2nd 2010 [Chaitra masam] (Important)
May 1st 2010
May 31st 2010
June 30th 2010
July 29th 2010
August 28th 2010 [Sravana masam] (Important)
September 27th 2010
October 26th 2010 [Tuesday] [Asviyja masam] (Important)
November 25th 2010
December 24th 2010
January 22nd 2011
February 21st 2011 [Magha masam] (Important)
March 22rd 2011 [Tuesday] (Important)

Re: Sankashtahara Ganapati Vratam

Postby Admin on Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:39 am

Today I found an excellent blog posting which clearly depicts the 21 Patri used in Vinayaka Chaviti Pooja with their photos. Those who have doubts in identifying the Patri can go through that. Let us say Happy Vinayaka Chaturdhi to the author!

And remember, In Sankashti Pooja Jambu patram (Jambul- Syzygium cumini) is used instead of Tulasi patram. Tulasi is allowed only on Vinayaka Chaviti. It shouldn't be used for Ganesh in any other Pooja.

Reg sankatahara Chaturthi

Postby ramya2931 on Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:40 am


I performed sankata hara chaturthi for 11 months . But it was not continuous cos of ďeath of my grand pa i missed 1 month and cos of my marriage i missed other my questions are

1. Is that ok if i miss in middle and continue afterwards?

2. is there any Udyapana process for this pooja. If so after hw many months? and wat is the procedure?

3. i live in California and here the moon rise is not there till 11 in the night. Can i prąy to moon if i cant c him and break my fast?

4.I dont get GARIKA here. is that ok or is Garika important for this pooja?

5. And we are not having any festivals cos my husbands grand mother ďied last month. Can we do this Vrat or we should stop this also as we dont hav any festivals till 1 year.?

Can u please let me know the answers ASAP cos this sunday we are having sankatahara chaturthi and according to ur answers i will perform pooja.

Thanks in Advance.

Reg sankatahara Chaturthi

Postby ramya2931 on Sat Sep 25, 2010 1:03 am


According to Panchangam it is showing OCT 27th as Chavithi but according to u sankatahara chaturthi is on OCT 26th.
Can u let me know how to see panchangam and wat all to consider.

Thanks in Advance.

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