Sankashtahara Ganapati Vratam

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Re: Sankashtahara Ganapati Vratam

Postby Admin on Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:25 pm

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1. Is that ok if i miss in middle and continue afterwards?

It's Ok and normal.
2. is there any Udyapana process for this pooja. If so after hw many months? and wat is the procedure?

Yes. To get complete results we generally do Udyapana.
It's needed specifically, only if you did Samkashti Vratam at-least four times continuously.
Vratodyapana procedure is almost similar to that of all other Vratams.
It is done in any of these three months: Chaitra, Sravana, Ashviyja.
Do the Samkashti vratam as usual.
Do a big Pooja, offer prayers to Moon god, Samkashti tithi and Ganesha and say “samkaTaam maam nivaaraya”.
Break the fast only after offering Prasad to devotees (Generally 4 or 5 or 12 or 21 in number).
Do Payasa Dana(sweet), Suvarna Dana(gold), Go dana(cow!) etc as per you capacity, all decorated with red cloth.
Do jagarana by chanting Ganesha mantra or reading Ganesha purana etc.
Be careful, Don't drink common water that night. Keep your water aside and don't allow others to drink it.
Do the Laghu Pooja, i.e, small Pooja in the next day morning.
prąy for your desires again and complete the Vratam. That's it.
3. i live in California and here the moon rise is not there till 11 in the night. Can i prąy to moon if i cant c him and break my fast?

It's normal for moon to appear after 11.00 P.M on the day of Smkashti, even in India. Generally moon appears after 48 min the time given in Panchanga. We must wait for the moon to appear.
4.I dont get GARIKA here. is that ok or is Garika important for this pooja?

Try to collect. Ok, sometimes situations may out of our control. Offer at-least by Manasika Pooja.
See these Google results about Garika
5. And we are not having any festivals cos my husbands grand mother ďied last month. Can we do this Vrat or we should stop this also as we dont hav any festivals till 1 year.?

It is like all other Vratams.

On 26th October, Moon rise timing at Mountain-view, California, is: 8:49 P.M and Chaturthi tithi ends by 8:57 P.M. There should be no doubt in this case, of-course moon appears around 9.37 P.M (9.27-9.42).
But, even the moon rise is after the end of Chaturthi tithi, it is generally accepted as Samkashti, if the previous day moon rise falls in Tadiya tithi.
See this excellent article for remaing details: ... turthi.php

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Postby ramya2931 on Fri Sep 21, 2012 6:00 am


I have been doing sankatahara chaturthi from few months along with my husband. But i stopped now as iam pregnant.
I have a question, Whether my husband can continue his Vrath as i heard that Pregnant woman and her family should not do Vrath from 5th month. Is that true or my husband can continue his Vrath?

Thank You

Re: Sankashtahara Ganapati Vratam

Postby Admin on Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:46 pm

I'm very sorry to reply you late. Ok,
As a rule, not only the pregnant lady, but no other member of that family can do any Vratha. The same principle applies for Sankashti too. But, both of you can do namajapa on Sankashti "Jaya Gajanana". No rules or restrictions are ever imposed on namajapa.

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Postby lalana on Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:30 pm

Hi, all! Need some help.
I know what Sankashtachaturthi tithi falls on two days. Then, the tithi on which the moon rises is the day of the vrat. But in my location i have two moonrises in chaturthi.
First - 20 December/2013. Tritiya till 18:50:43. After that Krishna Chaturthi. Moon Rise 19:07:51
Second - 21 December. Tithi : Krishna Chaturthi till 21:22. After that Krishna Panchami. Moon Rise 20:07:40
As you see: two moonrises in one chaturthi. What to do?! I have nobody to ask therefore I hope very much for your help

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Postby Siva on Sat Dec 07, 2013 8:47 pm

If two moon raises occur on one Chaviti day, the day which was combined with Tadiya will be considered as sankashti chaturthi. Because Tadiya is the day of Shakti, Ganapati is the son of shakti, and, Ganapati puja should be done as Shakti putra puja. So we have to select first day as Sankashti.
This information present in mudgala puranam.

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