Kumbha mela - Ujjain

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Kumbha mela - Ujjain

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Ujjain is one of the four Kumbha mela places.

There are ten features to coincide for Kumbha mela to come in Ujjain. They are-
1.Vaishakha masa 2.Shukla paksha 3.Pournami tithi 4.Sun in Mesha rasi 5.Jupiter in Simha rasi 6. Moon in Tula rasi 7.Swati nakshatra 8.Vyatipat yoga 9.Soma vara 10.Ujjaini.

There are ten(10) important places of Kumbha mela in Ujjain.They are-
1.Datta akhada: Important for Naga sadhus.
2.Nrisimha ghat: Important for Parama hams sadhus.
3.Garh kali temple: Important for Nath panthi sadhus.
4.Gomati kund: Important for Pushti marg sadhus of Vallabh sampraday
5.Ankapad: Important for Vairagi sadhus.
6.Mangal nath temple: Important for Tyagi akhada sadhus.
7.Rani kha ka bag: Important for Dadu panthi sadhus,
Kabir panthi sadhus,
Ram snehi panthi sadhus.
8.Hanumanth bag: Important for Udasi sant sadhus.
9.Mulla madari ka bag: Important for Nanak panthi sadhus.
10.Mulla pura: Important for Swami narayan sadhus,
Praja pita brahma kumari sadhus.
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Shipra river

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Shipra / Kshipra:

Kshipra is the holy river of Ujjain. Skanda purana tells many stories about this river.

1. Once upon a time Shiva went to Vishnu with Kapala in his hand. He asked Bhiksha(Holy offering of food) from Vishnu. Vishnu didn’t give Bhiksha, but shown his index finger. Shiva became angry. He thrown his Trishula on that finger. A lot of blood came, and filled the Kapala. The overflown blood came to earth, and became as river Kshipra.

2. Shiva took Halahala at the time of Amrita mathana and saved the whole world. He kept it in his throat. He decided to return it back to Samudra. He called all the rivers and asked them who can transfer Halahala to Samudra from him. All the rivers feared. But, Kshipra accepted it with full belief on Lord Shiva. She took Halahala and transfered it to Samudra at a very high speed. The name Kshipra(High speed) came from that instance.

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Ram ghat : Most important ghat for Kumbha mela
Ram ghat at night
Kshipra arathi
Kshipra mata
Rasa linga (Parad Shivling) at Siddha ashram, near Ramghat

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