Kasi Vishwanath

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Kasi Vishwanath

Postby satyamurthy on Thu Oct 16, 2008 9:50 am

Vishweshwara /Vishwanatha (Vishwanath) is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.

Sanandamanandavane vasanta
Manandakandam hatapapabrindam /
Shrivishvanatham sharanam prapadye //


It is present on the bank of the river Ganges.

Nearest Bus station: Varanasi(Benaras).
Nearest Railway station: Varanasi(Benaras).
Nearest Air port: Varanasi(Benaras).

The temple of Lord Vishwanath is present near Manikarnika ghat.

Vishwanath mandir:

Kasi Vishwanath.jpg
The temple of Lord Vishwanath is small.
The Shiva linga is present in a corner of Garbha griha.
Avimukteshwara Shiva linga is present in the same campus.
Lord Vishnu is also present in the temple.
The Shikharas(tops) of temple are covered with gold.

Sthala purana:

Lord Vishwanath loves Kasi than any other place. Once upon a time, the whole world faced a big drought. It has gone in to the control of bad leaders. At that time a king named Ripunjaya was doing Tapasya for Moksha. He is very good in character. Lord Brahma called him, and told that he should rule the world. Ripunjaya accepted the order of Brahma. But, he kept a condition. He told that all the Gods should leave the world so that he can rule it with out the interference of any body. Brahma accepted and gave him a new name, Divodasa.

All the Gods left Kasi. The Shiva kala present in Kasi at that time, is called as Avimukteshwara. Divodas started ruling the world from Kasi. All the problems were solved. The drought resolved. Lord Vishwanath was spending time in Kailasa. But, he couldn't forget Kasi.

Lord Vishnu knew this. He sent Agni, Sixty four Yoginis and Sun one by one, to test Divodas. All of them couldn’t win Divodas. Lord Brahma came to Divodas in the form of an old Brahmin. He asked to supply him necessities for Ashwamedha yaga. Divodas supplied. He did continuously ten Ashwamedha yagas. Divodas served what ever needed. Lord Brahma can’t find any fault in Divodas. The place where Brahma did Ashwamedha yagas became Dasashwamedh ghat.

Vishnu sent Pramatha ganas of Shiva. All of them entered Kasi happily, forgot about Divodas, and are spending their life in worshiping Shiva lingas. Finally, Vishnu sent Ganapathi to convert Divodas. Ganapathi created a lot of Vighnas(Obstacles)in every work. He appeared in the form of Siddha purasha, by the name Dhundhi Bhattaraka. He himself used to resolve the problems, by special mystic worships. He got fame in the public. Divodas also faced Vighnas. He approached Dhundhi. Dhundhi told that this problem can be solved by another person who is greater than him.

Divodas was waiting for that person. Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of a Brahmin with enormous glory. Dhundhi took Divodas to that Brahmin. Vishnu told that he should consecrate(Do pratishta) Shiva linga of Lord Vishwanath, so that his people can live happily with out Vighnas. Divodas accepted. He invited Shiva. Lord Vishwanath came to Kasi with all the Gods. He gave Moksha to Divodas.

The temple of Dhundhi(Dhun dhiraj) Ganapathi is located near the temple of Lord Vishwanath.


One should worship Lord Vishwanath only for Moksha.
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Kasi Vishwanath temple photos

Postby Uma on Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:44 am

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Lord Vishwanath.jpg
Manikarnika ghat
Dev Deepavali

Re: Kasi Vishwanath Jyotirlinga and Temple

Postby Siva on Thu Oct 16, 2008 5:25 pm

Rani Ahalyabai constructed the present temple in kasi.she was a great shiva devotee, and she spents her life in shiva puja and constructing lord shiva temples in various places in India

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