Mallikarjuna swamy

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Mallikarjuna swamy

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The temple of Lord Mallikarjuna is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.

Shrishailashringe vibudhati sange
Tuladri tungepi muda vasantam /
Namami samsarasamudrasetum //


It is located in the Nallamala hills in a deep forest.

Nearest Bus station: Srisailam.
Nearest Railway stations: Markapur road, Ongole, Nandyala.
Nearest Air ports: Tirupati, Vijayawada.

One furlong from Srisailam Bus station.

Srisailam temple:

Mallikarjuna swamy.jpg
The temple of Mallikarjuna swamy is old and very big.
The temple of Bhramaramba (One of the 18 Shakti peethas) is present in the campus.
A temple of (Uma devi) Ardhanariswara is also presesnt in the campus.
There is a Shiva linga of Vriddha mallikarjuna in the campus.
There is a Triphala vriksha in the campus, under which the great Rishi Agastya resides in hidden form. Previously Guru Dattatreya appeared under this tree.
There are some Kundams(Small wells) in the campus. The water of Manohara kundam is used for Shivabhisheka.

Sthala purana:

Once Kumara and Ganesha, the children of Lord Shiva and Parvathi, started quarreling on, who to get married first. To resolve the issue, Lord Shiva asked them to visit all the holy places in the world and said that, one who finishes early will get married first.

Kumara on his fast moving Mayura(Peacock) vehicle starts off to reach the target. Ganesha thought that it is impossible to win over Kumara with his Mushika(Rat) vahana and being intelligent, he made Pradikshina to his parents. Noticing this, Shiva asked him the reason for staying off the contest. Ganesha replied that he made Pradikshina to his parents(Lord Shiva and Parvathi) and there is no need to visit any of the holy places and also supported his argument with verses from Vedas.

Mean while, Kumara could see Ganesha being back from the holy place he was about to visit. Kumara was surprised every time when he saw Ganesha reaching the holy places well before him. Completing his target, Kumara comes back to his parents and accepts his failure and finally Ganesha gets married first.

Later, Narada came to Kumara and told him that he was cheated, because Ganesha did not visit any of the holy places and is enjoying the pleasure of victory. Mislead by Narada, Kumara forgets the sayings of Vedas, gets angry on his parents and leaves home for Krouncha giri. Knowing this Parvathi gets depressed and tells Shiva that they shall go to Krouncha giri and stay with Kumara.

Lord Shiva and Paravathi in the form of Mallikarjuna and Bhramaramba reach Srisailam. But, dejected Kumara leaves Srisailam and stays at a distance of about three Yojanas(twenty four miles) from Srisailam.

After that Kumara gets wisdom (Brahma gnana) by the grace of Bhramaramba and Mallikarjuna and gets back normal state. Since then he is called Subrahmanya(one with the Brahma Gnana). Every month, Bhramaramba visits Kumara on Pournami and Mallikarjuna visit him on Amavasya.


On Maha shiva ratri Kalyanam will be conducted to Mallikarjuna and Bhramaramba devi.
On Mesha sankranti Kalyanam will be conducted to Mallikarjuna and Uma devi.

There is no need to take bath to touch the Shiva linga of Mallikarjuna. The only thing needed is devotion towards him.
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Srisailam temple photos

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Mallikarjuna swamy temple 1.jpg
Mallikarjuna swamy temple
Mallikarjuna swamy temple 2.jpg
Paga decoration at the time of Shiva ratri.
Sculpture 1.jpg
There are numerous sculptures on the walls of Srisailam temple remembering Pouranic incidents.
Sculpture 2.jpg
Srisailam gopuram.jpg
Srisailam temple main entrance.jpg
Srisailam temple.jpg
Srisailam temple Night view

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