Mamleshwar temple in Omkareshwar

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Mamleshwar temple in Omkareshwar

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Mamaleshwar is one of the 12 jyotirlingas. It is present on the opposite bank of Narmada river to Omkareshwar temple. Although Omkareshwar was famous temple, Mamaleshwar is the actual Jyotirling.

Kaverika narmadayah pavitre
Samagame sajjanataranaya /
Sadaivamandhatripure vasantam
Onkaramisham shivamekamide //

How to Reach Mamaleshwar:

Mamaleshwar Jyotirling is present in Madhyapradesh, Near Indore.

Nearest Bus stand: Mamaleshwar is well connected by Road route. There are many Buses starting from Indore. The Bus stand is about 2km distance from temple.
Nearest Railway station: Omkareshwar road is the nearest Railway station. It is at 15 km distance from Omkareshwar. We can travel from here through Buses.
Nearest Airport: Indore is the nearest Airport [See Omkareshwar map]


Mamaleshwar temple :

Mamaleshwar temple is a very old temple. After stepping down in Omkareshwar Bus stand, There is a straight road to Narmada river ghat. After taking a holy dip in Narmada river we have to climb some steps up to reach Mamaleshwar temple. The way is fully occupied by stalls selling Bilwa patras, flowers, and sweet packets used to offer to Lord Parameshwar.
Near temple you can see some Pandas, performing Pardhiva Shiva linga puja. They will do Sahasra linga puja, that is worshiping 1000 shiva lingas. This is famous in Omkareshwar. They plant 1000 shivalingas on a wooden board and perform puja.
Mamaleshwar temple is not a big one. There is a hall and a sanctum. Lord Shiva is present in the center of sanctum. We can touch Mamaleshwar jyotirling and do Abhishekam to Shiva by ourselves. Idol of Parvati mata is present on the backside of Shivaling in the wall. There are many small temples of Lord Shiva around main temple of Mamaleswar.

Sthala purana :

Once upon a time Narada maharshi visited Vindhya. In the discussion between them Vindhya told that, he was full pledged and there is nothing to be possessed for him. Narada observed the proud (Ahamkara) of Vindhya and said with a smile, yes you are full pledged, but Meru Parvatha is thinking that he is the supreme of all Parvathas (Hills), because devathas are living on the top of Meru and even Sun is rotating around its Sikharam every day. Vindhya felt guilty with these words and he decided to prove his greatness. He did tapsya for Lord Shiva for six months. Every day he did Parthiva Linga puja. He did tapsya with out moving. He stood like a stone (Sthanu). After six months Lord Shiva was pleased and gave Darshan to Vindhya. Then Vindhya was very happy and praised Lord Shiva, and got a chance to get boons from the Lord. Vindhya asked a boon that he should get energy and wisdom (Budhi) to fulfill his desires. Lord Shiva agreed for that and thought of Vindhya so that these boons may not be used to harm any body. At the same time Devathas, Maharshis came and praised the Lord and requested to stay in that place. Shiva accepted and stayed in that place as Mamaleshwar Jyotirling.

After getting boons from Mamaleshwar, Vindhya grew up enormously to prove his greatness. He crossed Meru parvatha's height and obstructed the path of Sun. Sun god became shocked for this and stopped. All the people in the south are in dark and facing never ending nights. North people are suffering with continuous day light and Sun heat. All Devathas went to Vaikuntha for a solution. Lord Vishnu told that Vindhya was a growing Sadhaka and no one can stop him except his Guru Agastya. In that time Agastya maharshi was living in Kasi along with his wife Lopamudra. Devathas went to Kasi and told the condition and requested him to stop his student (Vindhyachala). Agastya maharshi accepted that. He said to his wife, "we got a vighna for living in Kasi and we have to leave Kasi now". He worshiped Lord Viswanath and left Kasi with a sorrowful heart. He came to Vindhya Parvatha in the Akasa marga. By seeing his Guru Vindhya shrunken himself and invited Agastya. Then Agastya maharshi told that he was going towards south and Vindhya should stay like this, without growing, till he returns back. Vindhya followed his Gurus order and remained as it is. Then Agastya maharshi visit several places in South and built his Ashram in Srisailam.

Sadhana :

  • Parthiva linga Puja is famous here
  • Panchakshari mantra japa
  • According to Shiva Purana living six months continuously in any Jyotirling kshetra with devotion will give lot of benefits
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