Mahakal Ujjain

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Mahakal Ujjain

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Mahakaleshwara Jyotirlinga (Also called as Mahakaleshwar / Mahakal) is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.

Avantikayam vihitavataram
Muktipradanaya cha sajjananam /
Akalamrityoh parirakshanartham
Vande mahakalam mahasuresham //


Geographically it is located in the Malwa plateau, on the Tropic of cąncer.

Nearest Bus station: Ujjaini.
Nearest Railway station: Ujjaini.
Nearest Air port: Indore.

The main temple is at 2 k.m distance from the Ujjain Railway station.

Mahakal mandir:

The temple is very big.
Mahakaleshwar linga is located in a pit in the midst of the temple.
Mahakala is Dakshinamurthi(The Shiva linga faces towards south).
There is pond in side the temple, named as Kotiteertha, the water of which is used for Shivabhisheka.
The main temple is built in three stairs. The stairs of Naga chandreshwara, Omkareshwara and Mahakaleshwara are one above the other.
There are several other Shiva lingas in the temple. Anadikalpeshwar, Trivishtapeshwar, Chandradityeshwar, Swapneshwar are the most important out of them.

Choubees khamba is told as the East entrance of old Mahakaleshwar temple.
There are two idols of Devi named as, Maha maya and Maha laya.

It is told that, the base of the Shiva linga of Mahakala extends with a radius of a Krosa(two miles), under the earth. Pingaleshwar, Kayavarohaneshwar, Bilveshwar and Durdeshwar are the Shiva lingas at the ends of four sides of Ujjaini.

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Mahakaleshwar temple interior

Sthala purana:

Once upon a time Ujjaini is the capital of demon Andhakasura.

One day, Devi, the wife of Lord Shiva, closed his Three eyes(Which resemble the Sun, Moon and Fire) for fun. Then, the whole world became dark and a demon named Andhakasura took birth from that darkness. He is blind, black in color, having too much of hair on his body. His character is cruel. Though he is physically weak, he is strong in will. Lord Shiva gave him as a son to the demon Hiranyaksha. As he grown up, he did Tapasya and gained boons from Lord Brahma. His body became strong, he gained vision. In the battle field, if his blood touches earth, from each drop of blood a new Andhakasura will develop. This special power made him undefeated in the wars and he conquered the entire world. He is opposite to Vedas and Vedic followers. He became drunkard and spending his time in flirting with girls.

Lord Shiva is living with Devi in Mandara parvata. One day, Andhakasura saw Devi, sitting at the feet of Lord Shiva. She is so much beautiful. Andhakasura sent his messengers to Shiva asking him to give his wife. Shiva became angry and told the messengers that Andhakasura can get her after defeating him. The battle began. Shiva understood that it is not that much easy to defeat Andhakasura. And he realised that lot of his vigour was lost due to marietal life with Devi. He has gone for Tapasya. Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and all other deities transformed into women and came to serve Devi. They continued the battle. Shiva practiced Yoga sadhana for one thousand years.

After thousand years he returned to the battle field. Shukra(Venus), the Guru of demons is supporting them. They are in the upper hand. Vighasa, one of the demons, is swallowing entire gods. The whole world became dark as he swallowed the Sun and the Moon too. Lord Shiva cleared the darkness by exhibiting light from his body. He kílled Vighasa and relieved gods. Shiva ordered Nandi, to capture Shukra and bring him. Shiva swallowed Shukra and kept him in his stomach.

Shiva took the form of Maha bhairava and opposed Andhakasura. The demon was controlled by Maha vinayaka. Shiva pierced the chest of the demon with his Trishula. A lot of blood came out of the chest. From each drop of blood a new Andhakasura developed. Shiva became frustrated. A drop of sweat fell on the earth from his fore head. Kuja(Mars) borne from that sweat. Satisfied with his Yoga sadhana, Shakti(Mahakali) appeared to support Shiva. Her hair, eyes, tooth, Nails all are in the color of blood, described as Rakta dantika. She is surrounded by Matrikas. All of them are hungry. They drank the blood of Andhakasura. The Matrikas are satisfied, but Mahakali didn’t satisfied. She drank the whole blood of Andhakasura and ate all the new Andhakasuras developed.

Shiva lifted the demon in to the sky with his Trishula. He burned the demon with the fire of his third eye for three thousand years. Andhakasura realized the mistake he has made. He remembered Devi as his mother. He prąyed Shiva. Shukra also prąyed Shiva to release him. Shiva released Shukra through his lingham. Transformed Andhakasura in to Bhringi and made him as his Ganadhyaksha. Blessed both of them. The whole world became free of demons.

Rudra sagar is formed by the foot print of Mahakaleshwar when he came to kíll Andhakasura. Koti teertha is formed by the toe.


Every day in the early morning, with the Shava bhasma, Bhasma arathi will be conducted to Lord Mahakaleshwar.
Maha shiva ratri and Shani trayodasi are the important days to worship Mahakaleshwar.
In the lunar months of Vaishakha and Shravana festivals are conducted in the temple.

Mahakaleshwar is Yogishwara. His worship primarily includes Yoga sadhana.
1.Maha pashupata vrata.
2.Maha mudra sadhana
3.Kevala kumbhaka pranayama.
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