Varanasi ghats

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Varanasi ghats

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Varanasi ghats

There are about sixty four ghats in Kasi. Some of them are famous.

Mani karnika ghat:

This is the most important of all the Ghats of Kasi.
It is divided in to two parts. The first part is used for cremation and the second part for the sacred baths.

Here Lord Vishnu created a pond with his Chakrayudha, called as Chakra teertha.
This is the first place to do sacred bath in Kasi.
Lord Vishnu did Tapasya for Shiva on the bank of this Chakra teertha.
A stone named Charan paduka is present in Mani karnika ghat, which is considered as the Foot print of Lord Vishnu.
There is a story said that Sri guru Dattatreya takes bath in this ghat every day in Brahma muhurtha - around 4.30 AM in the morning

Dasashwamedh ghat:

This is the most famous and most crowdy of all ghats.
Lord Brahma did ten Ashwamedha yagas here.

Kedar ghat:

The temple of Kedareshwar is present on this ghat.
Prachina Mani karnika (Makes the devotee free of even Sivaaparadha) is present here.

Harischandra ghat:

This is the second important place in Kasi where the ďead bodies are burned.
This is the place where the great king Harischandra was tested for his Satyavak (The character of staying on Truth).
A temple of Bhuta nath with Bhageswari devi is present here.

Pancha ganga ghat:

It is believed as the place of convergence of another four holy rivers(Yamuna, Saraswathi, Kirana, Dhuta papa) with Ganga.
The temple of Bindu madhava is present here.
The temple of Ganga is also present on this ghat.
This is the place where Kabirdas accepted Swamy Ramananda(Great teacher of Vedas) as his Guru.

Tulsi ghat:

The previous name of this ghat is Lolark ghat.
Lolarka kundam is present on this ghat, in which ladies will take holy baths for getting sons.
The name Tulsi ghat came after the name of the great devotee, Tulasi das, who wrote Ramcharitmanas.

Asi ghat:

Goddess Durga thrown her sword after kílling the demons Shumbha and Nishumbha, which resulted in a stream called as Asi.
This is the place where the river Asi(Now very small in size) meets Ganga.

Adi kesav ghat:
This is the place where the river Varuna meets Ganga.
The temple of Adi kesav is present on this ghat.

Tripura bhairavi ghat:

Temple of Tripura bhairavi is present on this ghat.
Ram bhavan present on this ghat is a free house of south Indian pilgrims.

Other Ghats:

Ghats of significant mention here include Dundhi Ganapathi ghat , Prayaaga ghat.
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Varanasi ghats photos

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Varanasi ghats overview
Manikarnika ghat
Manikarnika-ghat.jpg (9 KiB) Viewed 5897 times
Manikarnika ghat
Mani karnika ghat
Mani karnika ghat
Charan paduka at Manikarnika ghat
Dasaswamedh ghat
Harischandra ghat
Bhutanath and Bhageswari at Harischandra ghat
Prayaga ghat
Asi ghat.jpg
Asi ghat
Asi ghat.jpg (67.89 KiB) Viewed 5659 times
Adi keshav temple
Varuna - Ganga sangam
Pancha ganga ghat
Mangal gauri at Pancha ganga ghat
Bindu madhav temple view from Ganga river
Tulsi ghat
Hanuman worshiped by Tulsidas
Ganga mata
Ganga arati
Trilingeswara swamy

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