Vyasa kasi - Varanasi sightseeing

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Vyasa kasi - Varanasi sightseeing

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Vyasa kasi
Once upon a time, Veda Vyasa maharshi came to Kasi with his disciples. He was the one who divided Vedas, wrote Brahma sutras, Puranas and Maha bhaarata. He was very famous in those days. Lord Vishwanth wanted to test his character.

Vyasa and his disciples went for Bhiksha (Holy offering of food for sadhus). Nobody gave them Bhiksha. They slept with hunger in the city of Annapurna. The same condition continued for seven days. Vyasa got angry. He prepared to curse Kasi.
Goddess Annapurna appeared before them as an old House wife. She gave them Bhiksha with tastiest items. All of them became happy. Lord Vishwanath appeared before them. He banned Vyasa from Kasi, as he prepared to curse it. Vyasa prÄ…yed a lot. Shiva told him that he can live on the opposite bank of Ganga at Kasi (Vyasa Kasi).
Annapurna asked Shiva to show mercy on her child. Lord Vishwanath accepted Vyasa to enter in to Kasi on auspicious occasions.

Vyasa kasi is not a part of Spiritual Kasi.

Ganga at Varanasi
Ramnagar fort

Ramnagar fort and museum:

It is the fort of Kasi kings present in Vyasa Kasi, an important tourist attraction.
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