Varanasi - Few Places of Interest

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Varanasi - Few Places of Interest

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Gaudubai temple:

Gaudibai is believed to be the sister of Lord Shiva.
She is worshiped by shells.


It was consecrated by Adi Sankaracharya.
It is believed that the Shiva linga of this temple is daily growing in size.

Baba kinaram ashram:

Baba Kinaram ashram is famous as the head quarters of all Aghori sadhus.
This ashram is the Aghori peetha of Kasi(Kring kund).
Baba Kinaram is very famous in Aghoris.
He started an Akhanda dhuni in his period which is running continuously from about five centuries. It is maintained by the people only who are in Brahma nishta.
Temples of Hanuman and Guru Dattatreya are present in the campus.

Tulasi manas temple:

It is a very beautiful temple of Lord Sri Rama built of marble stone.
Ramacharit manas, written by Tulasidas, was sculptured on the walls of this temple.

Bharat mata temple:

Here the map of the whole India was sculptured on marble stone.

Vishwanath temple at BHU:

Benaras Hindu University(B.H.U) is a world class educational institution located at Benaras(Kasi). A temple of Lord Shiva was built by Birlas in the campus, called as Vishwanath temple(VT). It is made up of marble stone and looks very beautiful. It is taller than the Kutubminar of Delhi.

Temples of Pancha mukhi Shiva, Lakshmi Narayan are also present in the Birla mandir.

B.H.U is not a part of spiritual Kasi.

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Baba kinaram ashram
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Baba kinaram Aghori
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Dhuni at Baba kinaram ashram
Tulsi manas mandir
Vishwanath temple, B.H.U
Vishwanath temple top, BHU
Lord Vishwanath, BHU
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