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Srisailam - Devotees

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Sri devata:

Earlier, Srisailam was termed as Krouncha giri. Once a Goddess named Vasumati (Goddess of gold-resembling materialistic wealth), performed Tapasya to please Lord Shiva. Shiva was pleased and asked her what her wish was. She prąyed him to convert her as Sri devata(Goddess of Sri-resembling spiritual wealth). Shiva was happy and granted her wish and told that Krouncha giri will be called Srisailam by her name hereafter.

Sri devata felt herself as sweet as sugarcane and performed Tapasya. So the place where she performed Tapasya is called as Charukeshwara teertha.


Sculpture of Chandravati on the wall of Srisailam temple.

The story of Chandravathi is most famous in Srisailam. People consider her as Bhramaramba / Uma devi / Playmate of Parvathi.

Chandravathi is the daughter of King Chandra gupta. She was born when Chandra gupta went for the battle. She is a great devotee of Lord Shiva. Chandra gupta won battle and was home after sixteen years. He saw Chandravathi and was attracted by her beauty. Gupta decided to marry her and was not ready to listen to any one who tried to preach him.

Knowing this Chandravathi leaves home for deep forest. The local tribal people called Chenchus saved her and treated her as their daughter. There, she spent time worshiping Lord Shiva.

One day, Chandravathi saw a cow milking herself on an ant hill that was near Jasmine Creeper that crept on the Arujua tree. The same night she dreamed of Lord Shiva performing Tapasya in that ant hill. Next morning she went to that ant hill and saw Mallikarjuna Shiva linga in the hill. She started worshiping that Shiva linga with the jasmine flowers.

One day, Lord Shiva happy with her devotion, appeared before her. Chandravathi requested Shiva to marry her. To test her, Lord Siva, created a Maya Bhramara(Mystic bee) and asked her to catch it. She chased the bee for a very long time and finally caught it. When she was back with the bee, Shiva appeared as an old man, Vriddha Mallikarjuna, to test her. He told her that lots of years have passed away while she was chasing the bee and so he became old. Chandravathi accepted Shiva as her husband heart fully though he is old. Shiva comes back to his original form and marries her.

Mean while, Chandra gupta comes to know the place where Chandravathi is living and tries to catch her. Lord Shiva cursed him to become as Pachhala banda(A large green colored stone) in Patala ganga. Chandravathi prąyed Shiva to pardon him. Shiva told Chandra Guptha that he will get back his normal form when he is touched by the foot of Lord Kalki (Vishnu) at the end of Kali yuga.

Akka maha devi

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Akka maha devi is a very great devotee of Mallikarjuna.

She belongs to Veera Shaiva sampradaya. She is believed to be the incarnation of Parvathi. Filled with Vayragya, she lived nude and free from passion. She worshiped Mallikarjuna as her husband and performed Tapasya in the Akka maha devi caves. She left her body in Kadali vanam present in the Srisailam forest.

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Akka mahadevi
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Akka mahadevi caves
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