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Omkareshwar is one of the Dwadasa jyotirlingas situated on the Mandhata hills in Vindhya Mountains of Madhya pradesh. In the ancient times it is called as Shiva puri. The Mythology of temple dates back to the Krita Yuga. River Narmada flows here around the Mandhata hill in the form of an Om (Omkaram).
Omkareshwar map

Story of Omkareshwar:

Once upon a time Narada visited Vindhya parvatha.Vindhya gave Narada a warm welcome and asked about world as Narada used to continuosly visit all the important places. Narada sighed deeply. Vindhya asked what was the reason. Narada replied that though all the Mountains were credited with their own special features, Meru was proud of his possessions and was boasting of his greatness. After telling all this to Vindhya , Narada left without a word . Vindhya was annoyed with this dicussion and felt jealous about meru and wanted to become greater than Meru.

Then Vindhya did a great penance for Lord Shiva for his desire.

Lord Shiva blessed him & appeared here as Omkareshwar & (Mamaleshwar)Amaleshwara and gave the boon of growing, but without hindering Shiva devotees. Vindhya did not stop growing, and even obstructed the sun and the moon. Sage Agasthya who was then living in Kasi was called for help by all the dieties on the advice of Lord Vishnu. Agasthya along with his wife came to Vindhya, subdued its growth by saying it should not grow till he gets back there. He never went back.He stayed in Srisailam which is regarded as Dakshina Kasi. Hence the growth of Vindhya was arrested.

Shiva Purana describes a Upa-lingam of Omkareswar by name Kardameswar situated near Bindu sarovaram.

Mandhata was a great Emperor of the Ikshvaku clan who ruled this land. He did great penance in this land & there is an ashram called Mandhata ashram here. It is told that he built 108 temples around Omkareshwar.

Omkareshwar is Situated near Indore, Madhya Pradesh at Khandava Road. Omkareshwar Railway Station Is situated at a distance of 65 k.m from Khandava Road
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Omkareshwar parikrama

Postby Siva on Tue Nov 11, 2008 10:49 pm

Imaginary map of Omkar parikrama

Omkareswar kshetra parikrama is the very important thing to do in Omkareswar tour.The parikrama route Starts from Omkareswar temple and completes after surrounding the hill.Adi Shankaracharya did parikrama when he visited Omkareswar jyotirling.While doing parikrama, he met his Guru Sri Govindapada and learned Advaita from him.We can see that place at the end of parikrama.It is nearer to Omkareswar temple.

First of all we will reach Triveni sangamam.Here we can take holy bath.Just after Triveni sangamam there is a temple of Runa Mukteswar. In this temple people offer Red gram to lord Siva. After that the journey is through forest.It is very pleasent and nice to see in Winter season.After crossing this forest there is a temple of Bholenath.It is the mid point of parikrama. The Siva linga in this temple is very big and it is made of Narmada banam.After that we will reach Durga Goddess temple. By crossing Durga temple we will enter into a deep forest.In the forest there are many ancient monuments and temples which are under the control of Indian Archeological department.

In the way of Parkrama we can see so many Sadhus belonging to different traditions.If we are lucky we can see deers and peacocks in the route.The view of Narmada river is very beautiful with the bridges and the Project.

The last stop is the cave of Guru Govindapada.Totally we can get very much pleasure by doing this parikrama.

Parthiva linga puja in Omkareshwar

Postby Siva on Thu Nov 13, 2008 11:06 pm

Parthiva linga puja is very famous in Omkareshwar. In Mamaleshwar temple, daily pandits conduct puja with 1000 parthiva lingas. Every one can partcipate in that puja by paying minimum cost.
Some people say that Vindhya worshipped Lord siva with this Sahasra linga puja. That's why it is famous and important in Omkareshwar.

What is Narmada banam?

Postby Uma on Thu Nov 13, 2008 11:15 pm

Hi siva,
In Omkareshwar parikrama post you have told that Bholenath siva linga is made up of Narmada banam.
After crossing this forest there is a temple of Bholenath.It is the mid point of parikrama.The Siva linga in this temple is very big and it is made of Narmada banam

What is Narmada banam?
Is there any importance for Narmada banam in siva puja?


Postby Siva on Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:32 pm

Narmadabanam [also called as Narmadabana/ Narmadaban] is a stone formed in Narmada river. Because of water flow, the stones in Narmada river get the shape of siva linga. Their surface is very smmoth and shiny. These stones are very holy and are used to worship Lord siva.Narmadabanams are the most suitable stones to make siva lingas.
Narmada mata dhyana rupa also contains siva linga in her left hand resembling Narmada banam

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