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Peer Matsyendranath

Postby Uma on Fri Oct 31, 2008 10:07 pm

Peer Matsyendranath is the tomb of Maha Yogi Matsyendra nath. It is located near the temple of Garh kali.
Matsyendra nath is believed as the incarnation(Avatara) of Lord Vishnu. He is the founder of Nath panthi.
Mahakali is Yogeshwari. Matsyendra nath is considered as her beloved son.

Peer matsyendranath near Gharkali temple

Bhartrihari gufa

Postby Siva on Fri Oct 31, 2008 10:25 pm

Bhartari gufa is the cave where the great Yogi Bhartri hari did Tapasya. It is present near the Garh kali temple.

Bhartri hari is believed as the elder brother of the king Vikramaditya. He abandoned the Kingdom, took Deeksha in Nath panthi and became Yogi. He did Tapasya here, with his friend Gopi nath. This place is best suited for Yoga sadhana.

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Bhartri hari gufa
Bhartri hari
Gopinath : Friend of Bhartri hari. Both of them did Yoga sadhana here.

Gopal mandir

Postby Admin on Sun Nov 02, 2008 8:16 pm

Gopal mandir is very famous temple of Lord Sri Krishna and Radha, situated near the temple of Mahakaleshwar. The Entrance of this temple is so much beautiful and it has jewels embedded in it. It is told that, this door was stolen by Gajni from Somnath temple and Maharaj Sindhia brought it and placed here in his period.

On Vaikuntha chaturdasi and Kartika shukla chaturdasi, a festival named Harihar milan occurs. In this festival, Mahakaleshwara comes to meet Sri Krishna at Midnight. After that Sri Krishna comes to the temple of Mahakaleshwar in the early morning by the time of Bhasma arathi and give Tulasi for worship.

Lord Sri Krishna in Gopal mandir

Vikram simhasan

Postby Siva on Sun Nov 02, 2008 8:38 pm

Emperor Vikramaditya is a very famous king of India. There is an Era on the name of Vikramaditya, starting from the date he started his dynasty. This is called as Vikram samvat and followed in Ujjain even today. Vikramaditya is a devotee of Ma Hara siddhi. His Idol is present near the temple of Hara siddhi.

Idol of King Vikramaditya near Harsiddhi temple
Vikram Simhasan

There are many folk tales linked with Vikramaditya.

1. Vikramaditya gave his head as a sacrifice to please Hara siddhi.
2. Vikramaditya gained super natural powers by practicing Bhetala sadhana at Siddha vat. There are tales with the title ‘Vikram-Bhetal’ highlighting that story.
3. The throne (Simhasan) of Vikramaditya is given by Lord Indra and has mystic powers. This throne was missed after the period of Vikramaditya. When it appeared in the period of the king Bhoja, he tried to climb it. The salabhanjikas (Mystic powers) tested him and finally accepted Bhoja to sit on the throne. ‘Simhasan battisi’ are the tales relating to that story.
4. Bhartri hari and Bhatti are the elder and Younger brothers of Vikramaditya.
Bhartri hari abandoned kingdom and became Yogi. Bhatti is also a devotee of Hara siddhi. It is told that Bhatti and Vikramaditya ruled Ujjaini for a long period sharing a year in to two halves.

Nava ratnas are said to be present in the court of Vikramaditya. They are-
1.Dhanvantari 2.Kshapanaka 3.Amara simha 4.Shanku bhatta 5.Vetala bhatta 6.Ghatakharpara 7.Varahamihira 8.Vararuchi 9.Kalidasa(Most famous poet of Sanskrit language).

In Rudra sagar there are some stones present, called as the remnants of the throne of king Vikramaditya.

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