Srisailam tour

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Srisailam tour

Postby Siva on Fri Oct 31, 2008 10:52 pm

Pilgrimage to Mallikarjuna swamy temple normally includes visiting some important places near Sri sailam. This article is intended to cover them.

Srisailam tourist map


Sikharam is the most important of all sightseeing places in Srisailam.
It is the peak of the Srisailam Mountain.
Skanda purana tells that one can attain Mukti by just seeing Sikharam.
There is also a temple of Shiva built here.
There is a view point to see the Mallikarjuna Alaya Sikhara from here.

Many people think that seeing the Alaya sikhara from here is Sikhara darsana. But, seeing Sikhara itself is Sikhara darsana.

Sakshi Ganapati:

It is a temple of Lord Ganapati present beside the main road before arriving to Srisailam. The temple is small and old.

It is believed that he records the names of pilgrims who come to Srisailam and shows the list to Lord Shiva so that they will be blessed. All the pilgrims who come to Srisailam will visit him and prąy to enter their names in the list.

Bayalu Veerabhadra swamy:

Bayalu Veera bhadra is the Kshetra palaka of Srisailam.
He stands on a Mandapa which has no roof, located at the entrance of Srisailam village.

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Srisaila Sikharam
View point at Sikharam to view Mallikarjuna swamy temple top
Temple of Lord Shiva at Sikharam
Vibhuti kundam at Sikharam
Sakshi Ganapati
Bayalu Veerabhadra swamy
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Pancha mathas

Postby nvm on Sat Nov 01, 2008 9:06 am

Earlier there were hundreds of mathas in Srisailam which involved in different services like spreading spiritualism, maintaining temples, establishing educational institutions and hospitals etc. Gradually these mathas disappeared and now we have only few to list.

List of Pancha mathas (Pancha mathalu):

1.Ghanta matham:
Its known that Ghanta karna Shivacharya, the guru of Veda Vyasa maharshi, lived here for some time. We can find his idol in this matham. The famous Ghanta siddheswaralaya is also situated near by this matham.

2.Vibhuti matham:
Mantra bhasma which is placed on the Paashupata yantra that is carved on a stone was distributed to the pilgrims.

3.Rudraksha matham:
Malla shankara shiva yogi lived here. This matham was known for distributing Rudrakshas to the pilgrims.

4.Saranga matham:
The great Yogi Sarangaeswara established this matham.
Jaatavedi maharshis, the gurus of the great Basaveswara also belong to this matham.
This is active in the present days also.

5.Nandi matham:
Vata sidheshwara Shiva yogi lived here.

Bhima sankara matham:
A temple of Bhima sankara is present in this matham.

Virabhadra matham:
A temple of Virabhadra is present in this matham.

Shivaji dhyana mandiram:

It is believed that Chatrapati Shivaji got his Sword of Victory by worshiping the Goddess Bramaramba. A beautiful building has been constructed in his memory.

Pancha mathas Photos

Postby Admin on Mon Nov 03, 2008 10:19 pm

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Sgiva linga at Ghanta matham
Vibhuti matham
Pashupata yantram. It is now shifted from Vibhuti matham to the Mallikarjuna swamy temple.
Rudraksha matham
Lord Shiva at Rudraksha matham
Bhima shankara matham
Lord Bhima shankara
Veerabhadra matham
Idol of Veera bhadra at Veera bhadra matham
Shivaji memorial building

Ganta Siddheswara

Postby Admin on Mon Nov 03, 2008 10:33 pm

Ghanta(rka) siddheswaralaya is a small temple located near Pancha mathas. People also call it as Ghanta matham.

Srisailam is the land of Siddhis(supernatural powers). Each and every part of Srisailam has a story linked to different Siddhis. Under correct guidance and a little effort, one can easily attain Siddhis in Srisailam. Getting a philosopher’s stone, disappearing, flying in the air are few of them. All these are known to be the Maya of Bhramaramba. One should be aware that going about Siddhis is keeping himself away from the God. A sadhaka can come out of the craziness of Siddhis only by the grace of Bhramaramba and Mallikarjuna.

Along with the Ghanta siddheswara Shiva linga, there is Ganta Siddhi kundam(small well) and a very huge bell in Ghanta siddheswara temple. To attain Siddhi of flying in the air, two sadhakas should begin their sadhana at night. One should ring the bell and another one should fetch water from the kundam and pour it on Shiva linga. If this process is continued throughout the night without getting scared and with total devotion towards Ghanta siddeswara, the next morning, Ghanta siddheswara presents them the Khechari Siddhi(Ability to fly in the air).

Now, the bell is removed from this temple and is preserved by the Srisailam Devasthanam.

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Ghanta Siddheswara
Ghanta Siddheswara temple
Ghanta kundam
Beautiful Idol of Kaumari at Ghanta Siddheswara matham

Gupta mallikarjunam

Postby Uma on Tue Nov 04, 2008 7:13 pm

Gupta Mallikarjunam is the temple of Lord Mallikarjuna located in Srisailam forest.

Lord Sri Rama came to Srisailam to worship Mallikarjuna. As Sri Rama has Brahma hatya in him (Came due to kílling the Ravanasura), Shiva is not interested to be worshiped by him. He disappeared. Sri Rama searched the whole forest and prąyed Shiva. He found Shiva at a place, now called as Gupta Mallikarjuna. Shiva removed Brahma hatya from Sri Rama and gave him blessings.

Gupta mallikarjuna swamy

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