Ganesh temples in Ujjain

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Ganesh temples in Ujjain

Postby Admin on Wed Nov 05, 2008 6:59 pm

Sthirman Ganesh :

Sthirman Ganesh temple is present behind Mahakali temple in the opposite direction. He faces towards west. He is called as Vighna raja in Tantrik worship (one of the Ashta bhairavas). In the war between Andhakasura and Lord Shiva, at a moment the demon lifted Shiva up and begin to ran away. Then Vighna raja (Maha vinayaka / Sthirman Ganesh) appeared before him and stopped. After that Lord Shiva pierced the demon with his Trishula and lifted up in to the sky and bųrnt with the Third eye.

Bada Ganesh :

Bada ganesh temple is present near by Mahakaleshwar temple. The idol of Ganesh is very big in size.
An idol of Pancha mukhi Hanuman is also present in this temple. It is made up of bronze.

Bada Ganesh
Pancha mukhi Hanuman : Within the temple of Bada Ganesh

Chintamani Ganesh :

Chintamani Ganesh temple is located on Ujjaini-Fatehbad Railway line. It is in the South-west corner of city Ujjaini. The idol of Ganesh is very old and considered as Swayambhu. It is described as (V)riddhi siddhi sahita Vinayaka in Puranas. This temple is very much famous all around Madhya pradesh.

Chintamani Ganesh
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Chintaman Ganesh

Postby Admin on Tue Dec 23, 2008 7:07 pm

Chintamani is a magical stone told in mythology. It fulfills our wishes immediately as we thought of them. As Lord Ganesh in this temple behaves as a Chintamani, he is called as Chintamani ganesh / Chintaman ganesh. He is also called as Chinta haran ganesh as he removes all the Chintas (sorrows) of the devotees.

People around Ujjain will give first invitation of their marriage to this Ganesh. It is believed that he will remove all the obstacles in marriage and bless the couple. New vehicles are taken to this temple, so that no accidents will occur while riding on them.

How to reach Chintaman ganesh temple?

We can visit this temple by the help of tempos. Tempos are available near Ujjain bus stand and Ujjain market.
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Re: Ganesh temples in Ujjain

Postby Srihari on Tue Dec 23, 2008 7:14 pm

According to Skanda purana there are six important temples of Ganesh in Ujjain. They are:
  1. Vriddhi Siddhi Ganesh : One who gives prosperity and success
  2. Kamad : One who fulfills desires
  3. Ganadhipa : One who is the ruler of Shiva Ganas
  4. Vighnaha : One who removes obstacles
  5. Pramodi : One who gives happiness
  6. Chaturthi vrat priya : One who gives boons on doing Ganesh Chaturthi
The temple of Maha vinayak (Sthirman ganesh) will not come in to this list. It is described separately.

Re: Chintaman Ganesh

Postby Siva on Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:20 pm

I went to Ujjain in the last Kumbha mela. Then, I have visited a temple of Chintaman Ganesh in the market area of Ujjain. People told me that it is a famous temple and the lord gives us whatever we ask him with devotion.

I also visited another temple of Lord Ganesh near Chaubees khamba. But it is very small and present on road side under a tree. I met a telugu person there. He told me that though the temple is small the lord is very powerful there.

I think worship of lord Ganesh is prevalent around Ujjain.

Ganesh chaturthi of Ujjain

Postby Admin on Wed Dec 09, 2009 10:14 pm

Today I heard Ganesha purana. It tells that Ganesh puja is of two types, viz, Varada Ganapati vratham and Sankashta hara Ganapati vratham. Out of them Sankashta hara Ganapati vratham is specific to Maha Vinayak of Ujjain. It comes when chaturthi is in combination with Tuesday. If we worship Lord Ganesh on that day he pleases very well and removes all our Sankatas (problems).

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