Story of Pancharama temples

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As they were being harassed by Tarakasura all the dieties went to Lord Brahma once again and requested to help them. Lord Brahma said that as he himself blessed Taraka he could not kíll him. He also said that Taraka will be kílled as a result of his own bad deeds. Lord Brahma also said that the child born from Siva virya would kíll him. He also said that Dakshayani who was wife of Lord Shiva was reborn to Himavantha in the form of Parvathi. Brahma said that only Parvathi can be able to marry Lord Shiva and can give birth to child from Siva virya . Lord Brahma advised deities to find a way to Siva Kalyana with Maa Parvathi. Lord Brahma after advising deities went to Tarakasura and said that it was not good to occupy Devaloka and asked to give back deities their kingdom. Tarakasura obeyed the word of Lord Brahma and went back to Bhuloka and was ruling the world.


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Lord Indra with all his deities decided to ask Manmadha (lord of love) to do the deva karya (Siva kalyana). Then Lord Indra called Manmadha and requested him to divert Lord Shiva from his penance and make him attracted towards Ma Parvathi who was serving Lord shiva. Lord Manmadha was proud that he was assigned with great job and said that he would make it. Manmadha with his five strength (5 flower arrow, Bow with butterflies, pretty girls, minister vasantha, his friend Moon) went to Himalayas where Lord Shiva was in penance.


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All the deities who were suffering by the cruel deeds of Taraka prąyed Lord Shiva to help them get rid of Taraka. Lord Shiva blessed them that their wish would come true. As lord Shiva blessed them after some time lord Shiva married Parvathi and Lord Kumara swamy was born from Shiva veerya. (Semen of Lord Shiva). In due course of time kumaraswamy grew up and became the leader of all army of deities. Then all the deities prąyed to Lord Kumaraswamy and asked him to kíll Tarakasura.


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In the war between deities and Taraka, Kumaraswamy and Taraka were face to face. Kumaraswamy used his Sakthi aayudha to kíll Taraka. By the power of Sakti aayudha the body of Taraka was torn into pieces. But to the astonishment of Lord Kumaraswamy all the pieces reunited to give rise to Taraka. Kumaraswamy repeatedly broke the body into pieces and it was re-unified again.

Lord Kumaraswamy was confused and was in an embarrassed state then Lord Srimannarayana appeared before him and said “Kumara! Don’t get depressed, without breaking the Shiva lingham worn by the asura you can’t kíll him” you should first break the Shiva lingham into pieces, then only you can kíll Taraka Lord Vishnu also said that after breaking, the shiva lingham also will try to unite. To prevent the Linga from uniting all the pieces should be fixed in the place where they fall by worshipping them and building temples on them.

By taking the word of Lord Vishnu Lord Kumaraswamy used his Aagneasthra (weapon of fire) to break the Shiva lingham worn by Taraka. The Shiva lingham broke into five pieces and was trying to unite by making Omkara nada (Chanting Om). Then Surya deva by the order of Lord Vishnu fixed those five pieces of Shiva linga and worshipped them by building temples over them. By the formation of temple the pieces stopped their movement and were famous of panchrama kshetras. All the five Shivalinga in these five places have got scaly marking as them which are believed to be formed by the power of Agneyasthra used by Lord Kumaraswamy.

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