Story of Pancharama temples

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Story of Pancharama temples

Postby satyamurthy on Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:15 am

Maharshi Marichi was the son of Lord Brahma. Prajapathi who was the son of Maharshi Marichi married 13 daughtersof King Daksha. Diti devi was the most elder among them. Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipa were the two sons of Diti devi. As they grew up they were habituated to cruelty towards all the world and were demons by character. Lord Maha Vishnu in His Varaha avatara and Narasimhavatara got rid of them for the protection of the world. Diti devi who was sad about the ďeath of her children served kasyapa and concieved. Lord Indra who was afraid that Diti may give birth to another demon entered into her womb and destroyed the foetus with his vajrayudha by making it into seven pieces. Again he cut each piece into seven pieces. Still the foetus survived because of the Shiva vrata phala done by Diti devi. The broken parts of the foetus were born as Saptha Maruttulu. They went to swargaloka and were among Indra parivara.

Diti devi once again went to her husband Kasyapa and requested him to bless her with children. Kasyapa advised her to do penance for Lord Shiva for ten thousand years. Obeying her husbands order Diti devi did a great penance for Lord Shiva and with his blessings served her husband gave birth to Vajranga. His body was as tough as diamond (vajra) and was a great warrior . Diti devi wanted her son to defeat Indra. Vajranga obeyed his mothers wish and defeated Lord Indra and conquered swargaloka. Diti devi was happy that her son defeated Lord Indra. Lord Indra and all other dieties were prisoned by Vajranga and were punished. Lord Brahma came to know about Vajranga and He went to Vajranga with Kasyapa who was his father. Lord Brahma told to Vajranga that it was not fair to occupy swargaloka and ordered him to let all the dieties free. Vajranga said that Indra was bad and he was the person who broke my mothers baby into pieces in her womb. That is why I punished him. Vajranga obeyed Lord Brahma and he left Lord Indra and his parivara who were prisoned. Vajranga said that he was not interested to conquer any rajya but he was just obeying his mothers wish . He requested Lord Brahma to teach him about "Tatwagnana".Lord Brahma was happy with Vajrangas request and told him that "satwika swabhava"(satwa is one of the three gunas satwa, rajas , tamas) is the essence of Tatwagnana. Lord Brahma also created Varangi and gifted her to Vajranga and went back to his Loka. From then Vajranga practised satwika swabhava and he left all his demon behaviour and was without enemies. But his wife could not be like him and served him with kamabhava.


Postby satyamurthy on Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:19 am

Vajranga was happy and asked his wife what was her wish. Varangi asked to bless her with a child who would defeat Lord Vishnu and can conquer all the Lokas (world including heaven). Vajranga was in dilema and understood that his wife wished enemity with dieties. But as he was practising satwaguna he was thinking what to decide. At last he decided to do penance for Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma was satisfied with the penance of Vajranga and appeared before him and asked him what was his wish. Then Vajranga prąyed to Lord Brahma and asked him for a child with great strength and taponidhi. Lord Brahma remembered Lord Shiva in his mind for a moment and blessed Vajranga that his wish would come true. After some time with the blessings of Lord Brahma Varangi gave birth to a male child. He was named Taraka by his grand father Kasyapa. The birth of this child was accompanied by bad signs all over the world making all the people afraid that a major disaster may take place. The child grew like a mountain and was with great strength. One day Taraka took permission from his mother to go to forest and went to madhuvana for penance to get the blessings of Lord Brahma.


Postby satyamurthy on Mon Nov 30, 2009 9:59 pm

Tarakasura went to Madhuvana and with blessing of his guru started penance for Lord Brahma. He did penance by standing on one foot for hundred years. For hundred more years he did penance looking at sun. After that for hundred more years by taking only water. For hundred more years by only taking air. He continued his penance for hundred more by standing in water and hundred more years by hanging upside down, hundred years standing in fire, hundred more by inhaling smoke by hanging to branches of tree. As a result of the Tarakasura's great and violent penance a fire was generated in his head (tapojwala) and was bųrning devaloka. Then all those suffering dieties and Marharshis went to satyaloka and requested Lord Brahma to protect them.


Postby satyamurthy on Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:03 pm

After knowing the problem of deities Lord Bhama appeared before Tarakasura and asked him what was his wish. Tarakasura prąyed to Lord Brahma and asked for two wishes.
  • No one in this world should be as strong as me.
  • A male child born from siva virya (semen of lord shiva) should only be able to kíll me.
Then lord Brahama blessed Tarakasura with his wishes would come true and went back to Satyaloka. With the blessing of lord Brahama Tarakasura conquerd all the world (trilokas) and was punishing deities. He took all the great things from all deities forcefully.


Postby satyamurthy on Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:06 pm

Taraka was not satisfied with the boon’s given by Lord Brahma. He started penance for Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was happy with the penance of Taraka and appeared before him and asked him what was his wish. Taraka asked lord shiva for a Shivalinga that can protect him from all harm. Lord Shiva blessed him with a Shiva Linga that was 50 feet long. He also blessed him that as long as the shiva linga was with him no one can cause him physical harm. Taraka was happy with his boon and wore the shiva linga in his neck and started in rule the world.

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