Draksharamam Bheemeswara Swamy

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Draksharamam Bheemeswara Swamy

Postby Siva on Wed Dec 02, 2009 11:06 pm

Draksharamam is one of the Pancharamas and one of the 18 Shaktipeethas. It is famous as both Shiva kshetra and Shakti kshetra. Lord Bheemeswara swamy and Manikyamba mata are main the deities here. This place is also called as Dakshina Kasi. When a piece of Shiva linga fell here during Tarakasura vadha, first it was worshipped by Lord Sun. Famous Telugu poet, Vemulavada Bheema kavi, is said to have got boons from this temple.

How to reach Draksharamam : Draksharamam is in East Godavari district, near Ramachandrapuram. Draksharamam and Ramachandrapuram are joined towns. There are so many direct buses from Kakinada, Rajahmundry and Vijayawada. In Karthika masam APSRTC maintains speacial Pancharamas tour buses to cover them all in a single day.
There is no Railway station in Draksharamam or Ramachandrapuram. Nearest Railwaystation is at Samalakot. Nearest Airports are located either at Rajamandry or Vijayawada. See Draksharamam map

Places to see in Draksharamam :

Sapta Godavari theertham : Immediately after getting down the bus we will see a holy pond near temple. This is called Sapta Godavari theertham. We can take a holy dip in this pond.

Bheemeswar swamy temple : This is a very big temple and looks like a fort. Around the temple there is a great wall. This temple is under the control of Archeological department. After entering into temple campus we will see a green lan. This is very big campus. After crossing this green lan we will enter into the temple main campus. In the center of this there is a two stair temple. In that temple we will see Lord Bheemeswar swamy as a tall Shiva linga. We can see the god from both the stairs.

Manikyamba mata temple: Manikyamba mata temple is present in backside left corner. Goddess face is looking towards left, signifying her as Vamachara devatha. Manikyamaba mata is believed to be born in the house of prostitutes. With her incomparable devotion towards Lord Shiva she got married with him.

Lord Vishnu temple : Lord Vishnu temple is present in the entrance of main campus. He is the Kshetrapalaka of Draksharamam. Lord Vishnu is present here along with his consort, Lakshmi devi. Many other temples are also present in the campus.

The temple will be closed after 6.00 PM. So that we have to plan to visit this temple only in day time.
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Re: Draksharamam Bheemeswara Swamy

Postby Siva on Thu Dec 03, 2009 12:03 am

This is the place where Dakshaprajapathi did the Daksha yagna. So this place derived its name as Draksharamam. This shrine is also famous as Mukthi kshetra (that provides salvation). Poet Srinatha in his Bhimakhanda described the place as Dakshina varanasi, a place for Bhoga and Moksha. Bheemeswara in Draksharamam is believed to be worshipped by Gandharvas and Apsaras daily at night times.

There is story in vogue about the divinity of this place. Long ago maharshi Vyasa with his disciples went to Varanasi as he was visiting all the holy places in the country. Because of some reasons he and his disciples could not get food in Varanasi. He lost his patience and threw the bowl on the earth and was prepared to curse Varanasi. Then maa Visalakshi in the disguise of an old lady called him with his disciples to come to her home for lunch. She also advised him to be patient and warned that lord Viswanadha may be angry for his deed. She provided Vyasa and his disciples proper places to be seated to have their lunch. His disciples were depressed as there was no smell of food or any indication of its presence. When all arrangements were completed Maa Visalakshi came there and said “it is getting late, all of you sit for lunch”. As soon as Maa uttered these words all the plates were full of tasty food materials; then all the disciples realized that the old women was none other than Maa Visalakshi; all of them ate with satisfaction and were taking rest. Then lord Shiva along with Maa Parvathi appeared before Vyasa Maharshi and was angry on him as he prepared to curse Varanasi. Lord Shiva ordered Vyasa Maharshi to go away from Varasnasi. Maharshi Vyasa repented for his sin and was sad. Maa Parvathi blessed him and said that don’t worry my son you go and stay in Draksharamam of South India. Then Vyasa Maharshi with disciples left Vaaranasi and visited all the holy places in the way. He met Maharshi Agastya. Agastya explained the divinity of Draksharamam.

At the time of Taraka linga bheda, Rishi Bharadwaja came here to consecrate Bheemeswara swamy and wanted to bring river Godavari to Draksharamam for Abhisheka. He went to Godavari and requested her to come to Draksharamam. Godavari agreed to come with him to serve Bheemeswara Swamy. Then all the deities, yakshas, along with Indra came with them to see the Utsava of Bheemalinga Prathistha.

When they reached Draksharamam they were astonished to see Bheemeswara swamy already being worshipped. They wanted to know who was the person did so before their arrival. Then Suryadeva (sun god) appeared before them and said that as they were coming with Godavari, it was delayed and the Shiva linga got settled by itself in right time. By seeing that I started to worship him, afterwords Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu also worshipped him. Sun god requested him to worship Lord Bheemeswara along with saptarishis. Then akasavani (words of divinity) also said that Maharshi Bharadwaja, you need not worry because you are as great as sun god as you brought river Gowthami to Lord Bheemeswara. You along with your seven Maharshis place Pasupathas in this shrine. They would be famous as Asthamurthis. Bharadwaja maharshi and saptha rishis were happy and placed the pasupathas and worshipped them with saptha Godavari waters. Then this water was famous as saptha Godavari Theerdha.

Here temple's East door is protected by ma Nukamba. West door by Gogulamma. North side by Manda devi. South by Ghattambika. In the Daksharamam Dwadasa (12) teerthas are present. They are, Indreswara, Siddheswara, Yogeswara, Yameswara, Kaleswara, Veerabhadreswara, Brahmeswara, Kukkuleswara, Kapaleswara, Somanatheswara, Maheswara, Rameswara.

Bheemeswara linga is 18 feet above the peetha. Shiva linga is of crystal texture. There are black stripes on the upper part. These are said to be the markings of the tiger skin worn by Lord Shiva when He was in disguise of a Hunter when he fought with Arjuna.

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Lord Bheemeswara swamy Shivalinga top.
Manikyamba mata.
Sapta Godavari theertham in front of temple.
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Draksharamam temple front view.
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Draksharamam temple.
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Campus of main temple in first circle.
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Temple of Lord Bheemeswara swamy.
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Peak of Lord Bheemeswara swamy temple.
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