KulDevi - Arpana Mataa

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KulDevi - Arpana Mataa

Postby gauravagrawal123 on Thu Mar 11, 2010 11:32 am

This is Gaurav Agrawal......Im from Shirdi......the holy land of Shree Saibaba......I just recently visited this web-site of the Shakti-peethas...and I beacame a fan of it.
When i saw the forum, which tries to answer the queries by various people, I felt to ask about a question in my family's mind from long....
We have recently learnt about our Kul-Devi--Arpana Mataa...I just want to know about her shrine, the somewhat address(good if complete), i herd that it is in Bangladesh somewhere, but i want to know its temple in India,if exists. We have also herd that it is in Rajasthan somewhere,and we even tried to find it but couldnt.
So It would be very nice to read from one of you, about some clues or any little information....
With Regards,
Gaurav Agrawal ,Shirdi

Aparna Mata, Bhabanipur

Postby Admin on Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:16 pm

Hi, welcome to Shaktipeethas.org. As far as I know Arpana mata and Aparna mata are one and the same. But, you are telling that she is your Kuldevi, and I can't dare to make any conclusions on this topic. Another interesting point is, you are also telling that her seat was in Bangladesh, if that is correct it's nothing but Bhabani mata temple at Bhabanipur

Here is what I know about Bhabanipur temple :

The temple is believed to be very old and the goddess in the temple is variously called as Aparna (One who even stopped eating fallen leaves while doing Penance for lord Shiva), Arpana (One who is dedicated to lord Shiva/ One who is offered to lord Shiva), Tara and Bhawani.

Her stories are linked with the Natore kings. According to a legend dating back to early eighteenth century, Ma appeared as a small girl in-front of a bangle seller beside the lonely pond, nearby her temple in dense forest. She had divine charm with tip of vermilion (Tilak) on her forehead. She bought conch bangles from the seller and told that she is daughter of Nator Rajbari (Palace of Rajshahi zamindars) and asked him to collect money kept at a specific place in that palace. He went to Rajbari to collect his money. Rani Bhabani (the wife of then late Raja Rmakanta) being wondered by hearing this story, came to the site of pond with her court. But they can't find any girl there. Bangle seller understood that he saw Maa Tara and prąyed a lot for the re-appearance. Maa raised from the pond showing her two wrists with the conch bangles worn. From then onwards the name of that pond became "Shakha-Pukur" (conch-bangles pond) and devotees take their holy bath when they go for the goddess.

Another story tells that the King of Nator and his grandson the Maharajah Ramakrishna used to meditate near the temple. And I also learned that the seat, the Yagna kunda and five skulls are still present there. Now, “Bhabanipur Temple Devolopment, Renovation, and Management Committee” was established for the purpose of bringing the temple into limelight. As there is no idol for the goddess, a Kali murti was consecrated, and arrangements were made to offer Bhog to Maa daily.

How to reach Bhawanipur?

Bhawanipur village is located on the bank of river Karatoya, 28 Kms from Sherpur/Serapur.
Devotees can go to Bhawanipur from Dhaka via Jamuna Bridge and after passing Chandaikona in Sirajganj District, they can reach Ghoga Bot-tola bus stoppage on the same highway from where they can reach the Bhawanipur Temple premises by van or scooter. Pilgrims from the districts located to the North of Bogra can reach the Bhawanipur Temple premises by passing through Sherpur, Mirzapur and Ghoga Bot-tola (bus stoppage) of Bogra district.

Main festivals at Bhavanipur :

Ramanavami or Deepanbita : Large Mela conducted in Chaitra month.
Maghi Purnima : On the ocassion of Full moon day in the Magha month.

Bhabani mata temple photos

Postby Uma on Fri Mar 12, 2010 6:15 pm


Hi gaurav, sorry to say that the temple of Arpana Shakti peeth was demolished by Bangladesh military government. These are the photos of Bhabani mata temple when it was present.

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Aparna mata / Bhabalni mata
Observe the signs of Kali, Tara worship prevalence
Bhabani pur temple
Shakha pukur

Combined Armed forces of Bangladesh demolished Mandir structure of “Sree Sree Ma Bhabani Temple “ at Bhabanipur Sherpur-Bogra District on Feb 13, 2007 in the name of unauthorized structure.
You can read the complete articles about this topic in HRCBM-DFW website.
http://hrcbmdfw.org/blogs/rajshahi_divi ... 2/617.aspx
http://hrcbmdfw.org/photos/sree_sree_ma ... fault.aspx

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