Thanesar, BhadraKali Temple

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Postby Srihari on Sun May 01, 2011 2:25 pm

Vamana purana gives different names like Sthanu tirtha, Sannihita tirtha, Samanta panchaka, Prithuka tirtha etc. I have a doubt, all of them are same or different? Did you observed any well with the name Koti Rudra kupa? The story of Kuru is given in Vamana purana, but the worship of Pandavas is not covered. Thanks for sharing Sthanu shiva photo.

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Postby sarma_cv on Mon May 02, 2011 12:48 pm

Yes, looks like they are different. The pond in-front of the Sthaneswar temple is locally called Thanesar Kund. But I coudln't find any thing called 'Koti Rudra kupa', I might missed it. We have visited two more sarovars far from this temple: Sannihit Sarovar and Brahma Sarovar. Sannihit Sarovar is five kms away from Thanesar Mahadev temple. Adjucent to this sarovar, there is a Surya Temple. Brahma Sarovar is at a walkable distance to Sannihit Sarovar.

I'm attaching few photo graphs as well.

Sannihit Sarovar
Sannihit Sarovar

This shows the power of this sarovar.

Brahma Sarovar and a beautiful Shiva Temple

From Delhi we can reach these places (Thanesar, Haryana) in 3hours by car.

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Postby Srihari on Mon May 02, 2011 7:35 pm

Hmm.. It appears that lord Shiva was happy with our efforts in uploading Vamana purana. He gave his Darshan through your photos. If you can list all important places there, we can create a Thanesar map.

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Postby sarma_cv on Thu May 12, 2011 9:31 am

Here are the list of place to visit near Thanesar.

It is a center of attraction for pilgrims. It is said that lord Brahma performed austrities in this place and King Kuru developed this tank.

Sannhith Sarover:
It is said tht all the holy Rivers and Tirths assamble here on Amavas and Solar Eclipse. Bathing in the tank on these days are acquiring the fruits of 1000 ashwamedthyagn's it is believed to be permanet abode of Lord Vishnu.

Sthaneswar Sarover:
It is in front of Sthaneswar Shiva Temple. It is believed that few drops of its water cured leprosy f King Bans. Further it is said Lord Krishna and Pandavas worshiped Lord Shiva here and received blessing of victory on the eve of Mahabharata War.

Bhishma Kund:
It exists in the village Narkatari, 3kms from Brahma Sarovar Tank. At this place, Great Bhisma fell down from chariot caused by Arjuna's arrows & was lying here for 56 days on bed of arrows awaiting northern sphere of sun.

Which is 6Kms from Brahma Sarovar, Birth place of Bhagavad Gita.

Google Map Link: ... 2&t=h&z=14

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