Harsiddhi temple in Ujjain

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Harsiddhi temple in Ujjain

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Harsiddhi / Hara siddhi / Mangala chandi is one of the fifty Shakti peethas.
The Kurpara(Elbow) of Devi fell here.
Hara siddhi is the Shakti of Kapilambara.

She is the Goddess worshiped by great King Vikramaditya.

Where is Harsiddhi temple ?

[Temple office is called Harsiddhi Prabandh Samiti]

Nearest Bus station: Ujjain.
Nearest Railway station: Ujjain.
Nearest Air port: Indore.

Near Mahakaleshwar temple>Beside Rudra sagar>Harsiddhi mata temple [Ujjain Map]

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Harsiddhi between Annapurna and Kali
Hara-siddhi- 2.jpg
Harsiddhi mata
Harsiddhi temple


In the temple, Annapurna, Harsiddhi and Kali are placed one above the other.
Hara siddhi is described as Vaishnavi shakti.
A Sri yantra is carved in the temple.
The temple is called as Harsiddhi darwaja.
The hall in front of the Garbha griha is painted in the roof, with the pictures of fifty
Matrika devis.
There are two very big Deepa stambhas in the temple campus.
Prayageshwar Shiva linga is near by Hara siddhi.

There is no Shiva linga of Kapilambara in Ujjain, at present.

Sthala purana:

Once upon a time there were two demons named Chanda and Prachanda. They conquered the entire gods and they attącked Kailasa too. At that time Shiva and Parvathi are playing dice. Chanda and Prachanda defeated Nandi. They are destroying Kailasa. Shiva meditated on Shakti. She appeared in the form of Hara siddhi and kílled the demons.

Hara siddhi is described as the Shakti of Tripurantaka. She is Mangala chandi, who gave courage to Lord Shiva to kíll Tripurasuras.


Every year in the month of Ashviyja(October) Navaratri festival will be conducted in Harsiddhi temple.

1.Mangala chandi mantra japa.
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