Vaidyanath Jaya durga

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Vaidyanath Jaya durga

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Jayadurga (Locally called as Parvathi / Durga) is one of the 51 Shaktipeethas.
Harda peetha (Heart) of Devi fell here. She is the Shakti of Vaidyanatha Jyotirlinga.

Where is Jayadurga Shaktipeeth (Vaidyanath) ?


The temple is locally called as Baba mandir / Baba dham. Within the campus, Jayadurga Shaktipeeth is present exactly opposite to the main temple of Vaidyanath. Both the temples are connected by red colored silk threads in their tops. There is a belief that the couple who binds these two tops with the silk will have a happy family life by the blessings of Lord Shiva and Parvathi.

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Jayadurga temple
Silk threads connecting Vaidyanath temple and Parvathi / Durga temple.
Vaidyanath temple campus
Kali temple - Vaidyanath
Tara temple - Vaidyanath
Bagala temple - Vaidyanath
Sandhya temple - Vaidyanath
Saraswathi temple - Vaidyanath
Annapurna temple - Vaidyanath
Jagajjanani temple - Vaidyanath

Temple of Jayadurga:

The temple is very small. The idols of Durga and Parvathi are present on a rock stage. People usually climb it up and offer flowers and milk to the goddesses. We can make Pradikshana to the stage within the sanctum sanctorum.

We can find many temples of Shakti in the temple campus of Vaidyanath. Kali, Tara, Bagala, Sandhya, Saraswathi, Annapurna, Jagatjanani temples are important. Local people do worship in all these temples with their special mantras and stotras. Every temple will look alike if we consider floating. But, Durga is Shaktipeeth.

Caution while visiting Vaidyanath:

The temple campus will always be crowded and there is no queue system. Be patient and keep your mind on the goddess. Don't try to do your chantings within the temple, rather chose some other place for that. Remember that the entire Vaidyanath village has the power to give benefits.


Every year in the months of Shravan (around July), Magh (around February) festivals are conducted in the temple of Vaidyanath. Ashviyuja Navaratri (around October) festivals are also conducted.

Vaidyanath is a Siddhapeeth. Many Tantriks worshiped Jayadurga and got her blessings. Here Jaganmata is worshiped in two forms. The first one being Tripura sundari / Tripura bhairavi and the second one being Chinnamasta. Tripura sundari is worshiped with Ganesh as Rishi and Chinnamasta is worshiped with Ravanasura as Rishi.
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