Ugra tara temple - Kamakhya

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Ugra tara temple - Kamakhya

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Ugra tara is one of the seven Shakti peethas described in Kalika purana.

The Nabhi(Navel) of Devi fell here.

Location of Ugra tara temple:

The temple of Ugra tara is present in Uzan bazar, in the eastren part of Gauhati [Map].

Kalika purana describes a Shakti peetha called Dikkara vasini. Dikkara vasini has two forms, Tikshna kantha and Lalitha kantha. Tikshna kantha is black and pot bellied, also called as Ugra tara or Eka jata. Lalitha kantha is gracefully attractive, also called as Tamreshwari.

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In the Garbha griha of Ugra tara there is no image or idol of her. A small pit filled with water is considered as the Godess.
The temple of Ugra tara is small and beautiful to view.
There is a Shivalaya beside Ugra tara temple and a pond behind both temples.
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Sthala purana:

Once upon a time, Yama(Lord of the Hell) made a complaint to Brahma that nobody is coming to the Hell from Kama rupa because of the sacredness of the area, despite of doing sins. Brahma carried this complaint to Vishnu. Vishnu took them to Shiva. Lord Shiva ordered Goddess Ugra tara to drive away all the people who are living in Kamakhya. She sent her army.

In the course of this drive, they laid their hands on Rishi Vasishtha who was meditating on Shiva at Sandhyachal. Vasishtha became angry and cursed Ugra tara and Shiva. From then onwards all the Vedic(Shiva) sadhanas are given up in Kama rupa and Ugra tara became a Goddess of Vamachara sadhana. All her army became Mlechhas.


Ugra tara is worshiped in general like Kamakhya. She likes liquor, flesh, Modaka, coconuts and sugar cane.


The temple of Tamreshwari is present in Sadiya, North Lakimpur district of Assam.
She is also called as Kesai khati because of annual sacrifice of men given previously at her temple.
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