Annapurna temple - Varanasi

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Annapurna temple - Varanasi

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Kasi Annapurna is one of the Shakti peethas. She is the Shakti of Kedareshwara.

Annapurne sadapurne shankarapranavallabhe /
Jnanavairagyasidhdhyartham bhiksham dehi cha parvati //

How to reach Varanasi? :

Varanasi is present on the bank of the river Ganges.

Nearest Bus station: Varanasi(Benaras).
Nearest Railway station: Varanasi(Benaras).
Nearest Air port: Varanasi(Benaras).

The temple of Annapurna is located near the temple of Lord Vishwanath [Map].

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Annapurna mata Dhyana rupa
Annapurna offering Bhiksha to Lord Vishwanath
Annapurna idol in the temple
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Temple of Annapurna:

The temple is bigger than the temple of Lord Vishwanath.
The idol of Annapurna is made up of gold and is so much beautiful.
Annapurna prasadam(Meals which increase spirituality) will be given daily in a building nearer the temple.

Sthala purana:

Once upon a time, Parvathi closed the eyes of Lord Shiva. The three eyes of Lord Shiva are Sun, Moon and Fire. The entire world became dark and Akala pralaya(End of the world) occured. Due to this the color of Parvathi became dark. She lost her Gouri rupa. She felt very sorry and asked Lord Shiva to tell her the way to gain her Gouri rupa. Shiva told her to do Anna dana(Donate food) in Kasi.

Parvathi took the form of Annapurna. She appeared with a golden pot with full of cooked rice and a golden ladle. Lord Vishwanath himself asked Bhiksha from her. She gave food to each and every living being and satisfied the hunger. Her food increased Gnana and Vairagya in them. Gradually she turned in to golden color. She took the oath to give food to hungry ones up to unlimited time.

All the people in Kasi learned the character of Anna dana from her. Even today, nobody sleeps with hunger in Kasi.


Doing Anna dana in Kasi is the best way to worship Annapurna.
A special point to consider. Nobody should take Anna dana in Kasi. Taking that transfers the Papas(sins) from the Donor to the Receiver. Eating the Prasadam at Annapurna temple is the only exception from this rule.
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