Durga temple - Varanasi

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Durga temple - Varanasi

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Durga mandir at Varanasi is a richly carved temple made up of Red stone. It is beside a pond named Durga kund.
It has a nick name, called Monkey temple, because of the large number of monkeys present in the premises.

Location of Durga temple:


There is an interesting story linked with this temple.

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Durga temple view with Durga kund
Durga temple view from main road
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Durga temple interior

Story of Durga temple - Varanasi

Once upon a time there lived a king of Ayodhya, named Dhriva sandhi. He had two wives named Manorama and Lilavathi. The son of the elder wife, Manorama was Sudarsana. The son of the younger wife was Satrijith. Satrijit was more active than Sudarsana. Both of them were getting their education. One day, the king went for hunting and was kílled by a lion.

The ministers decided to make Sudarsana as the king. But, Yathajith, the father of Lilavathi opposed it. He kílled the father of Manorama and prepared to kíll Sudarsana too. Manorama left the kingdom with her child. She approached the Rishi Bharadwaja, at Trikutaadri, to save her child. Bharadwaja accepted and gave place to them in his ashram. Yathajith knew this and stopped for a while as he was afraid of Bharadwaja.

One day when he was playing with his friends, Sudarsana heard a word Kleeba, which means impotent. By the childish character he uttered that word again and again. Gradually the word Kleeba became Kleem in his mouth. He was chanting the word Kleem day and night. He didn’t know that Kleem was the Kama beejakshara. Rishi Bharadwaja observed it and trained him in the worship of the Vaishnavi (A Goddess worshiped by Kama beejakshara).

Sudarsana grew up. He learned all the education required for a king, from Rishi Bharadwaja. Goddess Vaishnavi appeared before him. She gave him Mystic Bow and arrows. The person who uses them becomes undefeated in the battle field. The Kama beejakshara japa made him handsome and strong.

Sasikala was the daughter of Subahu, the king of Kasi. She heard about Sudarsana and fell in love with him. One night, Goddess Vaishnavi appeared in dream and told her to marry Sudarsana. Subahu didn’t know about this. He announced Swayamvara(Selection of her husband by a princess). Sasikala told her father that she would marry none other than Sudarsana. She sent a Brahmin and invited Sudarsana, to come to that Swayamvara.Goddess Vaishnavi told Sudarsana to go to that Swayamvara.. Rishi Bharadwaja blessed him and sent to the Swayamvara with Manorama.

Yathajith came to the Swayamvara with his grand son Satrijith. He told to all the kings that if Sasikala selects Sudarsana as her husband he will kíll Sudarsana and marry her with his grand son. This was known to Subahu, and he tried to change the mind of his daughter. Sasikala refused and told that Goddess Vaishnavi would protect them.

Subahu thought about his daughter, keeping belief of the Goddess Vaishnavi he married Sasikala with Sudarsana secretly on that night itself. By the next day all the kings came to know about the marriage of Sasikala. Subahu prąyed all the kings to forgive him for the inconvenience caused to them. Sudarshana also said to the kings that it was the words said by Vaishnavi devi that brought him there. He also said that he had no enemity with any of them, every thing was under the control of his maa Vishnavi devi. Many of the kings got convinced. But, Yathajith decided to kíll Sudarsana. He kept his army in the border of Kasi.

Sudarsana started to go to Bharadwaja ashram with his mother and wife. Subahu followed them with his army to protect them. Yathajith and Satrijith opposed them. A battle started between them .Sudarshana was just defending and didn’t try to kíll any of them.
Goddess Durga appeared before them in the sky on her simhavaahana. She kílled Yathajith and Satrijith. Their entire army was frightened by the victory of Sudarsana and left battle field. Sudarsana told to Subahu that Goddess Durga came to protect them. Subahu prąyed Goddess Durga a lot. She asked him to take a boon from her. Subahu asked her to stay in Kasi and protect them. She accepted and appeared on the bank of Durga kundam. Subahu built a temple for her.

Sudarsana went to Ayodhya as ordered by the Goddess Durga. He built a temple of Goddess Vaishnavi in Ayodhya and ruled like Sri Rama.
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