Story of Shakti peethas

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Story of Shakti peethas

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Sati, the daughter of Daksha prajapathi, is the first wife of Lord Shiva. Daksha dislikes Shiva, as he is the Lord of Tamo guna. Once, Daksha sets to perform a Yagna. He invites all deities except Shiva (His Son-in-law) for the Yagna. Sati though uninvited, attends the Yagna as its being performed by her father. There, she not only was ill-treated but also had to hear ill-talks about lord Shiva (her husband). Dishonored by her parents and others, Sati bųrnt herself in the Yogagni and ďied.

Knowing this, Lord Shiva, destroys Daksha yagna. In this exalted state, Shiva carries the bųrnt body of Sati on his shoulders and wanders round the world. The whole world was scared of this act of Lord Shiva. To control Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, followed him and made the body of Sati in to pieces with his Chakrayudha. After the whole body disappears from his shoulders Lord Shiva was back to normal state and blesses the world. He told that “The places where the parts of Sati (Devi) had fallen will become Shakti peethas”. At all the Shakti peethas, Lord Shiva also appeared in different forms and performed Tapasya.

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