Vijayawada Kanaka durga

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Vijayawada Kanaka durga

Postby nvm on Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:05 pm

Vijayawada Kanaka durga is very famous in Andhra pradesh. Her temple is next to only the temple of Lord venkateswara swamy in attracting devotees. She is considered as Shaktipeetham. But, there is no reference to her in "Ashtadasa Shakti peetha stotram". A calender is sold in Kanaka durga temple, keeping her at the center of all 18 Shakti peethas. Any how, I believe the words of my parents. I recently visited her temple and this is the photo of Kanakadurgamma.

Idol of Kanakadurgamma
Her original idol in the temple will be in the form of Mahishasura mardini. A lion and Mahishasura are also present. But, it is decorated and shown to people like this. People tell a story for this. Previously, she was worshiped by Vamachara devotees who used to give animal sacrifice to her. But in the period of Shankaracharya, he converted the temple to Dakshinachara by establishing a Srichakra before her. He stopped sacrificing the animals. Even though people are doing the same. Then to change the behavior of people he decorated the Goddess like this.
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Re: Vijayawada Kanaka durga

Postby Srihari on Mon Jan 26, 2009 9:28 pm

Thank you Venu, for starting the topic on Kanakadurgamma. We should have started it earlier. Kanakadurga temple is a Shakti peetham. Nodoubt. It is clearly told in "Brahmanda puranam". Let us make this thread more useful for those who don't know about Kanakadurga.

Where is Kanaka durga temple?

On a small hill by name Indrakeeladri beside Krishna river.
Vijayawada map

Nearest Bus station: Vijayawada. There is a Ghat road to the temple on the hill. Buses, Taxies and Autos are available to reach the temple from Bus stand. Kanaka durga Devasthanam also maintains Buses which will cover Bus stand, Railway station and Temple in sequence.
Nearest Railway station: Vijayawada.
Nearest Airport: Gannavaram near by Vijayawada (30k.m distant).

Kanaka durga temple:

It is located in the midst of the hill. We need not climb to the top. Vijayawada is a big city and people built their houses on Indrakeeladri hill upto the temple. The temple looks very beautiful with gold plated Sikhara.

On entering the temple campus, we first come across Bhavani Mandapam towards left. It is the place where sculptures of Chamunda, Mahakali and some other forms of Chandi are carved on the hill. A building is constructed there covering the sculptures, for the devotees of Kanakadurga who take Durga Mala deeksha and come to Vijayawada to worship Kanakadurga. We can visit it to see the sculptures and to participate in the Pujas done there daily.
Durga kundam:

The pity of all is about Durga kundam. It's sacredness is described very well in Brahmanda puranam. Bathing in this Koneru (small pond on the hill) gives the results greater than bathing in Ganga. But it is buried while constructing Bhavani Mandapam.

Next comes the main temple of Kanakadurga. Kanakadurgamma looks live in the temple. We can feel it. I can't explain it in words. On the entrance of the Garbhalaya (sanctum), a great Shloka is written in telugu, which tells that she is the mother of all.

An Ashwattha tree is present before temple. Anjaneya who is the Kshetrapalaka of the Kanakadurga temple is present at the root of the tree. Temples of Lord Ganesh, Nataraja swamy, Sivakama sundari and Subrahmanya are also present in the campus. Next comes Addala mandapam. It is a small room covered with glass on all it's inner walls. A small idol of the goddess is present in a swing. Pilgrims move that swing with devotion.

The temple of Lord Malleswara swamy is present beside Addala mandapam. Malleswara swamy is the husband of Kanakadurga. In many temples lord Shiva is worshiped more than Shakti. But in Vijayawada Kanakadurga is worshiped more when compared to Malleswara swamy.

Kanaka durga temple

Postby Narasimha on Tue Jan 27, 2009 7:21 pm

You missed few important places while describing Kanaka durga temple. First, let me confirm about Durga kundam. Yes it is present previously. Pilgrims used to take holy bath in it. I too did it in 1980. There will be always pros and cons for an action. Because of building Bhavani deeksha mandapam, we got the chance to see the sculptures of Chamunda mata. Previously they are present very high on the hill and were not visible. But the misery is loss of Durga kundam.

Place of Laksha kumkumarchana:

It is present near the Dhwaja sthamba of main temple. It is avery big Puja and takes about 2 hrs of time. Very effective to get rid of problems.

Nitya puja sthanam:

In the olden days the all the important pujas were conducted for Srichakra established in main temple. But, now because of high rush these are being conducted in the near by Prakara mandapa.

Nagendra swamy putta:

It is present near Subrahmanya temple. Married women will pour milk in this snake's hole on Nagula chaviti and prąy Nagendra swamy to give good children (Best for Santhana prapthi).

Nityannadana bhavanam:

It is present near Nataraja - Sivakamasundari temple. Daily Annadana will be conducted here for the pilgrims.

Kalyana mandapam:

Previously Durga kalyanam in Navaratris is conducted here. But, now it is done at Bhavani deeksha mandapam. This Kalyana mandapam is now given for marriages. Devotees of Kanakadurgamma and also people of Vijayawada use it for their marriages.

Idol of Gopikrishna:

It comes after Nataraja mandiram. Looks very beautiful. A water fountain is also present there.

First aid center:

It is present near to the idol of Gopi krishna.

Shankaracharya mandiram:

It is present between the Nataraja temple and Malleswara swamy temple. An idol of Adi Shankaracharya is present here.

Chandi homa mandiram:

It is present beside Shankaracharya mandiram. Daily Chandi homam will be conducted here. We can participate in it by paying some fee.

Santhi kalyana vedika:

Daily Shiva parvathi kalyanam will be conducted here. Participating in Shiva kalyanam is good for those who are suffering from problems in getting married (Good for Vivaha doshas).


It is present beside Addala mandapam.
Narasimha Naik

Story of Kanaka durga

Postby Admin on Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:27 am

ha ha, You have covered each and every part including first aid center.
There are many stories regarding Kanaka durga devi and Malleswara swamy. Story of Indrakeela and the story of Arjuna are famous ones.

Story of Indrakeela and Kanaka durga:

Once there lived a great devotee of Shakti by name Indrakeela. He worshiped Jaganmata for a long time. After getting the Darshan of Jaganmata he asked her to stay with him so that he can worship daily. Jaganmata told that he will become a hill in the next birth and she will appear as Maha lakshmi on him.

Story of Arjuna and Malleswara swamy:

As many of you know, Arjuna is one of the Pancha pandavas. While doing Aranyavasa he was ordered by his elder brother, Dhrmarja to do Tapasya. Indrakeela took a rebirth by that time by name Indrakeeladri (Indrakeela hill). Arjuna went to Indrakeeladri and started doing Tapasya for Lord Indra. Pleased by his penance Indra appeared before him and given Shiva mantra to the Arjuna. He explained that Arjuna should get Pashupatastra (deadliest weapon) from Lord Shiva for the future needs. Arjuna started doing Tapasya for Shiva. After some days, a very big and wild pig came to the area of his Tapasya and started destroying it. Arjuna couldn't do Tapasya because of it. He started hunting it. But it was very big and escaping all his arrows. After a big trial Arjuna hunted the pig. But the pig has two arrows in it and a tribal king came to that pig to take away to his home. Arjuna told him that he hunted the pig. The tribal king laughed at him and told that the pig was hunt by him. They quarreled abut their supremacy. And started throwing arrows on each other. Even though Arjuna has Divyastras with him he couldn't defeat the tribal king. Seeing all his weapons wasted in presence of the tribal king, frustrated Arjuna took his bow and beat the head of the tribe with it. Suddenly the tribe disappeared and Lord Shiva appeared in that place laughing at Arjuna. Arjuna felt very sad and shy. He prąyed Shiva a lot. Lord Shiva, pleased by his devotion and expertise in war, given him Pashupatastra but ordered him that it should be used only in very very rare occasions. He reminded the frustration of Arjuna and told that a real hero should never get frustration. He advised him to get control on his mind so that the weapons will be used for the benefit of the world.

Kanaka durga is the consort of Malleswara swamy who appeared to give boons to Arjuna.
Philosophically Arjuna can also be called as Indrakeela, because he was given key by Indra. (It is getting meaning from the name.)

Story of Kanaka durga

Postby Admin on Wed Feb 04, 2009 9:36 pm

This is another story of Kanakadurgamma very famous in public:

Once there lived a king by name Madhava varma. He was ruling Vijawada with care and devotion. He is a devotee of Malleswara swamy. One day his son was riding on a chariot in the streets of Vijayawada. Unfortunately, a small boy came across his chariot and ďied because of the over speed of the prince. He is the only son of his poor beggar mother. She complained the king about the mistake of his son which resulted in the loss of her child. Madhava varma never gave a wrong judgement in his life. This was a test for him. He ordered that the prince, the future king, should be hanged for the mistake! He gave the punishment immediately.

Pleased by his justice, goddess Kanaka durga showered gold coins on Vijayawada. Malleswara swamy appeared before him and gave life to the sons of beggar woman and the king.
Some people tell that the name Vijayawada came from the story of Arjuna (Vijaya) and the name Kanaka durga came from the story of Madhava varma.

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