Kedareshwar temple - Varanasi

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Kedareshwar temple - Varanasi

Postby satyamurthy on Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:58 pm

Kedareshwar temple - Varanasi

Kedareshwar of Kasi is said to be equivalent to the Kedareshwar of Himalayas.
The Kasi Kedara mahatmya tells that Lord Kedareshwar kept his fifteen kalas in Kasi and he is in Kedareshwar only with his sixteenth kala.
Kedareshwara appeared in Kasi from the food made up of Green gram, kept as Naivedya to him, by the king Mandhata.

The Kedareshwar temple is present at Kedar ghat.

Prachina Mani karnika:

Once upon a time Paarvathi asked Lord Shiva to tell about Kasi. Lord Shiva praised kasi a lot. He told that all the sins of the people who enters Kasi will be removed. He also told that the only exception is Shivaparadha(Opposing Shiva). Parvathi prąyed Shiva to tell a remedy, so that her children who ever done Shivaparaadha can be protected. Shiva didn’t accept. Parvathi went to Kasi and did a very big Tapasya. After a very long time her Karna kundala(Jewel of the ear ring) fell down. That created Manikarnika teertha which was formed before the famous Manikarnika teertha was created by Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva appeared before her and accepted her prąyer.

The prachina Manikarnika is at Kedar ghat.Taking a dip in prachina Manikarnika renders the devotee free of all his/her sins including Shivaparaadha which is not removed by entering in to Kasi.
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Re: Kedareshwar temple - Varanasi

Postby Siva on Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:52 pm

I have a doubt Why kedareshwar came to kasi ? & in which form maa parvathi present beside Kedareshwar.I came to know that maa parvathi present beside Kedareshwar is in the form of Annapurna it true or not?

Re: Kedareshwar temple - Varanasi

Postby Srihari on Thu Oct 16, 2008 6:00 pm


Story of Kedareshwar:

Once upon a time Rishi Mandhata worshiped Lord Kedareshwar at Kedarnath. Pleased by his worship Lord Kedareshwar appeared before him and asked his wish. Mandhata requested to show the Linga rupa of Shiva. But, Lord Shiva refused it and explained. After cutting the fifth head of Brahma, Vishnu and many other deities prąyed Shiva to give life to Brahma. Lord Shiva gave rebirth to Brahma. After getting life Brahma asked Shiva to give him Linga darshana so that he can get rid of the sin he made. But Shiva told that he had taken an oath and couldn't show it there. He suggested that Brahma can go to Kasi and do Ten Aswamedha yagas so that his sin can be cleared. Brahma went to Kasi and did worship at Dasaswamedh ghat. Lord Shiva ordered Mandhata to do worship at Varanasi. Mandhata went to Varanasi and again started his worship.

Mandhata is strict at Atithi puja and he takes his lunch only after offering an Atithi. He used to go to Kedarnath daily with his Tapas-shakti. One fine day some great Rishis appeared before him and told that they wish to come to Kedarnath with him. Mandhata was very much pleased and accepted. But that day he didn't completed his worship. He prepared a Naivedya with Rice mixed with purified green gram. Then a Bhikshu appeared before him asking meals. Mandhata separated the Naivedya and kept a part of it for Naivedya and the remaining part for Bhikshu. He went to bring water for the Bhikshu. In the mean-while both the parts got mixed up and Mandhata couldn't find the differentiation. He became confused and worried about Shiva Naivedya. All the Rishis and the Bhikshu were hurried him. He prąyed lord Shiva to solve the problem. The Bhikshu got mixed up in the Naivedya showing that he was Shiva himself. That Anna-rasi converted in to Shila rupa (Shiva linga). Then Lord Kedareshwar with Annapurna appeared before Mandhata and other Rishis. He gave them Linga darshana and many other boons.

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