Somanath Temple - Saurath

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Somanath Temple - Saurath

Postby Kondurkumar on Thu Oct 16, 2008 1:48 pm

I request the attention of readers.As per the history somnath temple was invaded by muslim invaders for the wealth of the temple.They want to throw the jyotirling also.But as per the story the lord of somnath disappeared from somnath.It is well known fact that somnath temple was constructed by Government of India , then where is the jyotirling?

As per one story , it is at Saurat,Madhubani district ,Bihar.The jyotirling in this temple also shows lot of miracles at different times.This is for your information
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Re: Somanth Temple

Postby Admin on Thu Oct 16, 2008 3:53 pm

Ok. Let us accept your info on Somnath Jyotirling.

But I have another doubt.
What do you mean by using the word "Jyotirling"?

Is it a miraculous stone?
Is it a physical resemblance of Lord Shiva?
Is it a Kala of Lord Shiva that Chandra got darshan by his worship?

All the three are different.

According to Skanda purana the first temple for Somnath was constructed by Chandra after he got wisdom and cleared his sins. The second temple was by Ravanasura and the third temple built by Lord Sri krishna.You can easily guess that these three are very important people who can be illustrated in a Purana. The time-gap between these three is also very huge. No temple can stand that much of time, what ever may be the building material and technology used. Same is with other Jyotirlings. By that way we can understand that not only the Somnath Jyotirling, but, many other Jyotirlings are also not the "Real stones" used at the time of construction of the First temples.

What about the miracles?

Miracles may occur. But, does miracles resemble Divinity?
I think, No.

Just take the examples of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna. Lord Srirama never accepted that he is God. He described himself as Dasaradhatmaja( Son of Dasaradha). Lord Srikrishna always showed miracles and told himself as God. But, Both are incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Miracles are not the way to estimate Divinity.

I can accept the the temple of Lord Shiva told by you. But I don't accept your logic.

Let us go through the Stories of some other Jyotirlingas briefly.

Nageswar Jyotirlinga is described as if it was present in an island in the Arabian sea(Darukavana). But, now it is at Dwaraka. The same is the condition of Dwaraka too!

Remember the story of Ghushmeswar Jyotirlinga. It says that Lord Shiva appeared in a pond, on the bank of which Ma Ghusma did her worship. No description of Jyotirling! May be, a temple of Shiva built there after that story.

About the most important Jyotirlinga of Lord Vishwanath. You may have heard about the story of Divodas. He kept a rule for all the Gods to leave Kasi. It is told that Lord Vishwanath too left Kasi. But only Physically. He stayed there as Avimukteshwara( Who never leaves Kasi).

What can we guess? Jyotirlinga is the grace of God. It is not a Miraculous stone given to worshipers. It is not even a physical resemblance of Lord Shiva which was used by them to worship Shiva.

There are descriptions in Shaiva agamas what is a Sthira linga, What is a Chara linga, What is Siddha linga, What is a Moksha linga, What is a Jyotirlinga etc. Jyotirlinga is described a the one which can give Moksha and even a Devine life after attaining Moksha. All the stories linked with Jyotirlingas described in Shiva purana, Linga purana and Skanda purana supports this view. This is much greater than any Siddhi/miracle.

Somnath is the place where Chandra did worship. Lord Shiva gave boons not only to Chandra but also to all mankind. Every body who worships him at that place will get the eternal peace. The story of Muslim invaders, the distruction or disappearance of Somnath Jyotirling have nothing to do with the worship.

May temple and Shiva linga be there or not. Lord stays there for ever. The Shiva linga may be shifted. But, Chandra worshiped at Somnath. Lord Shiva appeared at Somnath. He gave boons to Somnath.

What about the other Shiva lingas told as Somnath?

We can worship them. We can believe them as Lord Somnath. We can believe not only the Shiva linga used previously but also the newly consecrated Shiva lingas. He receives our Puja and he understands our Devotion.

Re: Somanth Temple

Postby Kondurkumar on Mon Oct 20, 2008 11:41 am

Jyotirling , here i refer to the original Swayambhu ling.The present ling in somnath temple is not the original one but put up Government of India when it constructed new temple

Re: Somanth Temple

Postby Kondurkumar on Mon Oct 20, 2008 11:51 am

Abosultely there is no issues about the imortance i.e, sthala mahatya.When i have personally visited the temple I have seen some water around the jyotirlinga.The taste of water changes from time time.Some times it suddenly tastes salty sometimes it is very normal water.Nobody knows how the water is salty and as per geographics no sea is there atleast 1000kms from this place.People say since it disappeared in Somnath and reappeared at saurath, the water sea water is nothing but from somnath

About Saurath

Saurath is a small village situated in the Madhubani District of Bihar. Literally it means a cultural and intellectual center of sau-rastra, nations associated with Janaka, the ancient king of Mithila, whose name plays a significant role in the epic Ramayana. According to tradition, the Swayamvara of Devi Sita, daughter of Janaka, took place in this village. Today the village is very much frequented by the tourists and pilgrims with the establishment of the Somanath temple here, devoted to the presiding deity Somanath. There is a close similarity in mythology and history of Somnath of village Saurath in Mithila and the Somnath of the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. Another peculiarity of this village is that it organizes the marriage fair, Saurath Sabha, for Mithila Brahmins every year on the auspicious days in May / June every year.


Original name of the village, as mentioned in 'Tithi Nirnaya' is Saurashtra. This village was originally named Saurastra, literally a cultural and intellectual centre of sau-rastra, nations associated with Janaka, the ancient king of Mithila. Janak is mention in the Ramayana epic as father of Sita. Tradition has it that the svayambara (self-chosen form of marriage) of Janaka’s daughter, Sita, took place in this village.

The presiding God of this village is Somanath or Shiva. There is an interesting story which links Saurath to Somnath Temple In Dwarka, Gujarat. According to folk tradition, in AD 1025, Mahmud of Ghazni attącked the famous temple of Somnath, looted the fabulous wealth of the temple, and destroyed it completely. It is believed that Lord Somnath appeared in the dream of the two Maithil Brahman brothers, Bhagirathdutta Sharma and Gangadutta Sharma, and asked them to take His lingam away. The two brothers, following God’s instruction, went to Dwarka and brought the lingam to Saurath and kept the lingam in hiding for a long time. Later the lingam was duly enshrined. Somanath temple at Dwarka is situated in a region known as Saurastra. In the 18th century a Maithil king constructed here the temple of Somnath.

Re: Somanth Temple

Postby Uma on Wed Oct 22, 2008 11:14 am

Thanks for the nice information. I have googled for the temple told by you. Every body is giving very little information. I found an image. Is this image correct ?

somnath-saurath.jpg (4 KiB) Viewed 6256 times

Do you have any other photos regarding this temple ?

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