Nava Brahma temples of Alampur

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Nava Brahma temples of Alampur

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Balabrahmeswara swamy temple
1_Bala Brahma.JPG
Balabrahmeswara swamy temple is the main temple in Alampur
Garudabrahma temple
2_Garuda Brahma.JPG
Garudabrahma temple is present in the right side of main temple campus.
Swargabrahma temple
3_Swarga Brahma.JPG
It is present in back side of main temple campus.
Padmabrahma temple
4_Padma Brahma.JPG
It is present back side of Swargabrahma temple and left side of Jogulamba mata temple.
Tarakabrahma temple
5_Taraka Brahma.JPG
It is present nearer to the west side entrance of main temple.
Kumarabrahma temple
6_Kumara Brahma.JPG
It is present in left side of main temple and present in the way to Balabrahmeswara swamytemple.
Arkabrahma temple
7_Arka Brahma.JPG
It is present in left side of Kumarabrahma temple.
Veerabrahma temple
8_Veera Brahma.JPG
It is present in left side of Arkabrahma temple.
Viswabrahma temple
9_Viswa Brahma.JPG
It is present in left side of Veerabrahma temple.
Sculptures on mahadwara
10_Story tellig between  King and Deer.JPG
This sculpture present on the west side mahadwara, telling the story of cursed king who tried to destroy the temple.
West side mahadwara
11_West entrance of Temple.JPG
West side mahadwara of main temple campus.
12_West Gate of Alampur.JPG
Previously used mahadwara of balabrahmeswara swamy temple. Kamakshi temple is present in this gate.
Rare Nandi statue
13_Rare Nandi statue with Siva Parvathi statues.JPG
Rare, Kakatiyas time nandi staue found in Alampur. In which Lord Shiva, Maa parvathi and Nandi carved in a single stone.
Shah Ali Pahilwan darga
14_Sha ali Darga.JPG
Shah Ali Pahilvan Darga, Shah Ali is one who ─Ćied in trial to destroy Lord BalaBrahmeswara temple.
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