Kudavali Sangameswaram

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Kudavali Sangameswaram

Postby Siva on Fri May 13, 2011 4:43 pm

Kudali Sangameswaram or Kudavali Sangameswaram is a holy place present near the junction of Tungabhadra river and Krishna river. But now, this place was submerged in the backwaters of Srisailam project on Krishna river. India Archeological department saved this temple and rebuilt the entire temple structure near Alampur. We can see this temple in the entrance of Alampur. These are some pictures of saved Kudavali Sangameswaram temple.
1_Kudavali Sangameswaram.JPG
Sangameswaram temple outer look.
2_Nandi Mantapa.JPG
Nandi mantap present before the temple.
3_Sangameswaram temple.JPG
Sangameswaram temple entrance.
11_Sculptures in Sangameswaram temple.JPG
Dwarapalaka present in the entrance of temple.
10_Sculptures in Sangameswaram temple.JPG
Rudraksha mala carved on the pillars of temple.
9_Lord Anjaneya swamy.JPG
Lord Anjaneya swamy present in the left side of temple campus.
8_Lord Narayana.JPG
Lord Narayana present in the right side of temple campus.
7_Veerabhadra swamy.JPG
Lord Veerabhadra swamy present in the inner side of temple
Lord Vighneswara present before sanctum sanctorum.
5_Parvathi mata.JPG
Parvati mata present in the left side of sanctum sanctorum.
4_Sangameswara swamy.JPG
Lord Sangameswara swamy.
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