Lord Arunachaleswara swamy

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Lord Arunachaleswara swamy

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Salutations to Lord Arunachaleswara and The Great Guru Sri Ramana Maharshi as I proceed to write about this great shrine with my limited knowledge.
Lord Arunachaleswarar in Arunachalam is one of the Panchabhoota Lingas (Thejo or Agni). Located in the Thiruvannamalai Dist of Tamilnadu this majestic shrine stands as one of the most worshiped form of Lord Shiva even by the deities and Great Saints of all ages and times.

One can reach this pilgrim spot by any means of travel as it is a well acknowledged tourist place also, besides its spiritual sanctity.
Nearest Bus Station : Tiruvannamalai Bus Station. 5 min.
Nearest Railway Station: Tiruvannamali Railway station. 4Km away.
Nearest Airport: Chennai International Airport.147 Km away(4hr by road)

The thejo or agni Linga as said by Sri Ramana Maharshi was formed on the day of Aarudra nakshatra in the margashiirsha masa according to suryamana.
The formation and majesty of Lord Arunachaleswarar is depicted in the puranas like Skanda mahapurana, Shivamahapurana and Upanishads like the Kenopanishad. The Maheswara khanda of Rudrasamhita in Skandamahapurana, Vidyeswara samhita of Shivamahapurana discusses in detail about the spirituality of Lord Arunachaleswara in detail.The kenopanishad describes the formation of Lord Arunachaleswarar to suppress the pride of deities as Thejo Linga.
The spiritual significance of Lord Arunachaleswara is discussed in Skandapurana in two parts as the purvardha and Uttarardha. Purvardha is a conversation between Lord Brahma and Sanaka maharshi. Uttarardha is a conversation between Lord Nandikeswara and Maharshi Markandeya. Kshetra Khanda of Skanda mahapurana also describes the spiritual significance of the local rituals that are celebrated in kartika masa and the importance of Deepadarsana.

In Arunachala other than Lord Arunachaleswara(thejo or agni linga) there are Eight lingas around the hill and many spiritually significant places to be seen and worshipped.
The other lingas include
Indra Lingam: East
Agni Lingam: South East
Yema Lingam : South
Niruthi Lingam : South West
Varuna Lingam : West
Vayu Lingam : North West
Kubera Lingam : North
Esanya Lingam : North East
Other important places include Annamaliyar sannidhi, Murugan temple, Karthikeya swamy temple, Durga temple, Bhutha narayana temple, Kamakshi mata temple,Mahamari mata, Ramana Ashram, Seshadriswamigai ashram,Nanagaru ashram.

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