Arunachala hill, Tiruvannamalai

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Arunachala hill, Tiruvannamalai

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Maharshi Gautama by the blessings of Lord Arunachaleswara explained to Maa Parvathi, the spirituality of Arunachla and the majesty of Lord Arunachaleswara.
Arunachala is also famous by the name of Shonadri. This name came into vogue after the River Shone perfomed great penance and obtained the boon to flow towards north(opposite to the flow of River Ganga).River Kumbha flows in the west of Arunachala and Maharshi Agasthya is believed to be staying near this river. Shonagiri is served by the River Ganga at its feet, River Narmada at its sikhara and River Yamuna amidst those two rivers. River Skanda flows towards the north of Arunachala. Lord Skanda(kumaraswamy) took a holy dip in this river and worshipped Lord Arunachaleswara and obtained the power to defeat demons in war.

There are many Holy places in Arunachala which are scattered in different directions around this holy hill.
Indra teertha in the East.
Varuna teertha in the West.
Vasishta teertha,Soma teertha and Surya teertha in the North.
Agasthya teertha, Vishnu teertha, Yamateertha and Pandava teertha in South.
Ganga teertha, Eesanya teertha and Aswini teertha in the North East (eesanya).
Vayuvya teertha in the North West (vayuvya).
Agni teertha and Brahma teertha in the South East (agneya).
Nairuthi teertha in the South West(nairuthi).
Other teerthas include Shiva teertha.

Shiva teertha.
This is the most sacred place where Lord Shiva with his Brahma kapala took a holy dip. In the maghamasa along with his Rudraganas, Lord Arunachaleswara stays in here to relieve the devotees of their sins.

This teertha is in the east of Arunachala. Lord Indra with all the dieties take holy dip in this teertha and worships Lord Arunachaleswara in Pushya masa.

Present in the West of Arunachala, this teertha restored the skeleton lost by Lord Varuna(rain God) by its sacred power and blessings of Lord Arunachaleswara.


Present in the west of Arunachala, this teertha relieved Lord Soma(moon) of his yakshma roga (skin disease).

Vasishta teertha:
Located in the north, this divine teertha blesses the devotees with the knowledge of all the vedas. Maharshi Vasishtha after taking a holy dip in this teertha in the Ashwija masa worships Lord Arunachaleswara with great devotion.

Surya teertha:
Present in the north of Arunachala, this cures the devotees from all the ailments. In Vaisakha masa Suryadeva(sungod) along with Valakhilya maharshis and all the vedas visits this tand worships Lord Arunachaleswara.

Present in the North of Arunachala, this teertha was worshipped by Lord Yama and relieved him of the fear due to Brahmastra.

Agasthya teertha:
Located to the south of Arunachala, this teertha is of great importance. Maharshi Agashtya along with his disciples takes a holy dip in this teertha in Baadhrapada masa and worship Lord Arunachaleswara. This teertha blessess the devotees with literary knowledge.

Vishnu teertha:
Located to the south of Arunachala, this teertha is served by all the great saints and blesses devotees with great boons. Lord Vishnu(Ramapati) takes a holy dip in this teertha in Chaitra masa and worships Lord Arunachaleswara.

Pandava teertha:
Present in the south of Arunachala, is worshipped by pandavas and they were blessed with rajya. Bhumata(Godess of Earth) along with all aushadhas and all deities worship Lord Arunachaleswara in Jyeshta masa after having bath in this teertha.

Ganga teertha:
Present in the north east(eesanya) of Arunachala, this teertha relieves the devotees of all their sins. In Karthika masa all the holy river gods have a dip in this teertha and serve Lord Arunachaleswara.

Present to the north east part of Arunachala. Lord Vishnu obtained his Vishnutva after taking bath in this teertha and woshipping Lord Arunachaleswara. It also relieves the devotees of their Navagrahadosha. This teertha is protected by Maa Durga, Lord Vinayaka, Lord Skanda and Maa Saraswathi.

Vaiswadevateertha or Vaayuvyateertha:
Present in the North West of Arunachala, this teertha was the place where, Viswee dieties got a holy dip and worshipped Lord Arunachaleswara to gain great strengthand obtained yagna bhaga. Vayu Deva also became the living energy of all forms of life on Earth by worshipping Arunachala after bathing in this teertha.

Brahma teertha:
Present in the South East of Arunachala. This teertha relieved Lord Agni of his sins.

Nairuthi teertha:
Present in the South west of Arunachala this teertha is worshipped by great saints of all times and protects them from all evil forces.

Once Maharshi Markandeya worshipped Lord Arunachaleswara and requested Him to show an alternative way to the devotees who may not be able to reach all these teerthas and worship Him. Lord Arunachaleswara out of his deep love to the devotees replied that, Devotees who see, serve and worship Him after offering Naivedya will be blessed same as those who take dip in all these teerthas, as all the holy rivers and teerthas are present in Lord Arunachaleswara at that moment.

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