Arunachala mahatmyam

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Arunachala mahatmyam

Postby satyamurthy on Fri Sep 16, 2011 10:18 pm

The formation of Lord Arunachala in the form of Agni Linga was told to Maharshi Sanaka by Lord Brahma when the Maharshi requested Lord Brahma to tell him about a place whose glory was eternal and chanting of its name itself frees oneself of his sins. Pleased by the inquisition and interest of Maharshi Sanaka, Lord Brahma meditated for a while and started to explain to the Maharshi about the formation and spirituality of Lord Arunachaleswara.

Arunachala mahatmya :
Lord Brahma proceeded, "Myself and Lord Vishnu were born from the Supreme Lord Sadasiva in accordance with His desire". But once, out of our ego and ignorance both of us thought that we were the supreme powers and fought among ourselves to decide who was the best. There occurred a war between us which was destructive to the whole world. Then appeared a limitless column of Effulgence (Agni sthamba) between us. We also heard a eternal voice saying that one of who could discover the limits of the column of Effulgence would be the supreme. Ignorant of the true supremacy both of started to find the limits of the Column in either directions. Lord Vishnu took the form of Mahavaraha, started to dig to find the bottom and I took the shape of Swan, flew to find the top of the Column.

Salutations to the Lord who is praised by all the Vedas and Puranas as the Limitless, Beginingless and Endless. Ignorant of this great fact, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu were making streneous and futile efforts to find the limits of the Column of Effulgence. Lord Vishnu in his MahaVaraha form became weak and could no longer proceed further, by the grace of the Supreme Lord was enlightened with the thought that it was his ego which hindered him from remembering the Supremacy of Lord Sadasiva from whom he was born. Then Lord Vishnu meditated Lord Shiva and prąyed Him to forgive him of his ignorance and returned to the surface by the grace of Lord Shiva. The same was the situation of Lord Brahma also became self knowledged by the grace of Lord Shiva and bowed with respect to the Limitless Column of Effulgence.

Then emerged from the Column of effulgence Lord Arunachaleswara with a blessing sign, a Fawn in one hand, axe in another, dark body, a dark spot on the neck and blessed both of them with boons and incarnated in the same place in the form of a Great Hill (Arunachala). This great shrine of Lord Shiva enlightens the devotees of their self and relieves them of ignorance and ego.

Re: Arunachala mahatmyam

Postby Veena on Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:28 pm

Isn't there a legand that aout of the column of fire came Uma Devi?

AgniLinga UmaDevi

Postby Srihari on Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:59 pm

Yes, there is a linked story which is very important.

Once upon a time Parvati closed the three eyes of lord Shiva for fun. As those three eyes are none other than Sun, Moon and Fire, that act caused unexpected chaos and destruction of living beings. Knowing this, Parvati felt very sad and asked Shiva for expiation. Shiva told her to go to Kanchipuram and do penance on the banks of river Kampa under a sacred Mango tree (Ekamra) already present there. She made a Parthivalinga with sand and started worshiping Shiva. As the time passes, one day, while Parvati immersed in deep meditation, flood occurred in Kampa surrounding Parvati. She came into mind and embraced the Shivalinga to protect it from flood. Understanding the devotion of Parvati and being pressed by her breasts and bangles, lord Shiva told from that linga to leave Kanchipuram for Arunachalam where she can do better penance under the guidance of maharshi Gauthama. He gave a boon the present Ekamra linga that it will yield for desires of all.

Parvati, by this divine advice, met Gowthama at Arunachalam and asked his guidance for worshiping Arunachala Shiva. Gautama wondered as Jaganmata herself came to him as a disciple, and with greatest joy sung the origin of that first and biggest Shiva linga. Once lord Brahma and lord Vishnu quarreled each other for supremacy, under ego. Suddenly a great pillar of fire (Agni sthambha) appeared between them. In order to prove their strength over each other, they tried to find out it's whereabouts. But to vain, neither Brahma reached the top nor Vishnu reached the bottom. Vishnu surrendered to the almighty and came back. But, Brahma spoke the untruth. Lord Shiva appeared from that prime fire and chopped the fifth head of Brahma for it's sin. That Tejolinga took the form of the holy Arunachalam. Finally Gowtama explained the procedure to worship Arunachala Shiva.

Parvati started penance. At that time, a demon king named Mahishasura is ruling the world troubling Rishis. They all prąyed Parvati for rescue. She countered Mahishasura and kílled him as Mahishamardini. But, Mahishasura has a Shivalinga in his throat. It was smeared with blood as Parvati unknowingly pierced there with her Trident. Feeling very guilt, Parvati asked Gouthama for the way to get rid of that Sin. Akasavani told her to break a stone there with her sword to bring up a sacred spring for bath, which washes out all her sins. Parvati consecrated the linga by the side of that Kadgatirtha and spent a month in penance as PacchaiAmman.

By the divine inspiration, she started a great festival on the nakshatra of Vishvedevas (Uttarashadha). On the tenth day, with exalted Krittika, in the evening time, she saw the original Tejo linga of Arunachala Shiva, made a Pradakshina, and absorbed herself into him to become ApitaKuchambika.

That sacred moment comes every year, roughly between 2nd half of November and first half of December, on the day of Krittika nakshatra. People lit a great fire on the top of the Aruna hill to commemorate this story of Uma Devi.

This year on 27th November 2012,we have a very special combination of Tuesday with Krittika nakshatra on Pournami, which is rare to get even once in decades. If possible, all of you try to be there at Arunachalam on this Karthika Deepam. For those, who can't make out a journey, here is the Stotra of Arunachala Shiva singing his eighty four names, told by Goutama maharshi to Parvati, in the ninth chapter of the first part of the Arunachala mahatmya, from Maheshwara Khanda of Skanda MahaPurana. Recite this stotram in the Pradosha samaya (approximately one hour before sunset) on 27th this month. Because, "smaraNAdaruNAcalaH", one can gain his grace by mere thought on him.
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Arunachala siva chaturasiti nama stotram tamil file

Postby Siva on Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:28 pm

I converted Arunachala siva chaturasiti nama stotram telugu file into tamil file by using script converter. As I don't know tamil, i am not telling that it is an error free file. If any body knows tamil language, please verify the file and tell about errors.
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