Kal Bhairav

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Kal Bhairav

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Who is Kal Bhairav:
Kalbhairav is an incarnation of Lord Shiva and a complete replica of Shiva. Once Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu quarrel about their greatness. At that moment a large Agnilinga appeared beween them. Both the gods tried to see the ends of linga top and bottom respectively. But they failed to reach the end of Shiva linga. But Lord Brahma lied that he saw the end and Lord Vishnu accepted his failure honestly. On that occasion Lord Shiva came and warned Brahma to stop lying. But Brahma insulted Lord Shiva. Then Lord Shiva decided to punish Brahma and created Kal Bhairav and ordered him to punish Brahma. Kal Bhairav cut the fifth head of Brahma. Then Brahma recognized his mistake, and praised and asked Shiva to pardon him. Then Kal Bhairav left Brahma. Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu regained their knowledge and left their pride and ego. Then Lord Shiva told that "Ones knowledge will not be glorified until he has pride and ego. One who removes his pride and ego will know the God. God will destroy persons with extremely proud. The god who removes pride was born." This means Kal Bhairav will remove Pride and ego, he will not tolerate lying, he loves truth.

Other names of Kala Bhairav:
Kalabhairav was also called as Kalaraja as he was looking like Kala ie. Yama. He was Called as Bhairav as one will get fear when he saw Kalbhairav. He punish bad persons, hence the name Amardaka. He removes sins of his devotees immediately, hence the name Papabhakshana.

Characters of Kal Bhairav:
He used Brahma kapala as his Bhiksha patra. He will practice Kapala vrata and bhikshatana (begging) to remove his Brahmahatya dosha. A lady named, Brahmahatya will follow him every where except in Varanasi. She had no entrance in Varanasi. Kal Bhairav will free from Brahmahatya, when he entered in Varanasi (Kasi). The place where Kal bhairav freed from his Brahmahatya was called as Kapalamochana teertha.

Important days for Kal Bhairav puja

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Margasira Krishna Ashtami is a very auspicious day for Kal bhairav puja. It is also called as Kal Bhairavasthami. One should do fasting and Jagaram (Awakening through out day) on Margasira Krishna Ashtami in the presence of Kal Bhairav. Wednesday and Krishna Asthami are also important days for Kal Bhairav puja. One who worshipped Kal Bhairav will free from his great obstacles, dangers and will be released from jąil also.

Kal Bhairava Photos and worship

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Kal Bhairav worship present through out India. Actually there is a separate sect in Shaivism, called Kapalika. Kal Bhairav is the main diety for them. Kal Bhairav will also follow Kapalika vrata. Some important places of Kal Bhairav worship are Varanasi, Ujjain, Srisailam. These are the photos and details of Kalabhairava puja in three places.
ImageKalbhairav at Kapalamochana teertha, Varanasi.Varanasi:
Kal Bhairav will act as watchmen of Kasi. He will guard Kasi and punish bad persons in Varanasi. Here Brahmahatya will not accompany Kalbhairava. Kapalamochana teertham present in Varanasi is important place for Kalbhairav puja. It is must to visit to Kal Bhairav temple in Kasi for every pilgrim to get complete Kasi yatra benefits.
see: jyotirlingas/topic34.html#p68
ImageOffering Karana (Alchohol) to Kalabhairav in UjjainUjjain:
Here Lord Mahakaleswar also present in the form of Mahabhairav. Kal bhairav temple present on the banks of Kshipra river. The temple looks like a fort.Here devotees offer Karanam (Alchohol) to Kal Bhairav. He will drink Sura offered to him in a bowl. Patala Bhairavi mandir also present here in the same campus.
See: jyotirlingas/topic56.html#p99
Lord Kal Bhairav Swamy and Bayyanna (in the form of Shiva linga) at Bhairava sela, Srisailam.
Actually at present there is no worship of Kal Bhairav in Srisailam. But in history, Srisailam is one of the important Kapalika kshetra. Bhairava sela present in Srisailam is the place for his worship. Here Kal Bhairav and local Chenchu diety Bayyanna present in a cave, called Bhairava sela.
See: http://srisailam-photos.blogspot.com/20 ... -sela.html

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