Dah Parbatiya

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Dah Parbatiya

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Dah parbatiya is a small village near by Tezpur, the capital of Darrang district of Assam.
Tezpur(Previously called as Shonit pur, the city of blood) is the capital of the king Banasura, who is a friend to Narakasura.
Banasura worshiped Lord Shiva in the form of Maha Bhairava and constructed a temple for him at Dah parbatiya. Now, we can only see a temple reconstructed from the ruins of previous one.


This is the fortress built on a hill by king Banasura to keep his daughter, Usha in isolation.
Previously it was surrounded by fire in all directions, so that nobody can go in or out with out prior permission. Usha loved Aniruddha, grand son of Lord Sri Krishna, by seeing him in a dream. Her friend Chitralekha, who has mystic powers, brought Aniruddha in to the Agnigarh. Banasura identified it and kept Aniruddha in prison. Sri Krishna knew it and he relieved Aniruddha after defeating Banasura in a big battle.

The place where the battle occured is now called as Tezpur bil.
Now, Tezpur is a tourist attraction with a park and sculptures of Usha parinayam.

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Maha bhairav Shiva linga
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Entrance to Maha bhairav temple
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Maha bhairav temple
Agni garh
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Agni garh : Usha Parinayam
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Brahma putra river : View from Agni garh
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